Striving for neat adaptations and new, inventive details in watchmaking can be a hard task to master. But it’s one that TID – the Stockholm-based watch brand founded by Ola E. Bernestål, Petrus Palmér and design studio Form Us With Love's Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren – conquers with the release of its brand new watch, the TID Watches No.3.

Launching online today at OPUMO, the No.3 watch is TID’s all-new timepiece designed in collaboration with design studio, Form Us With Love. Sharing the instantly recognisable case design as its predecessors, the TID Watches No.1, the brand’s new edition tells a new material story with a watchcase made entirely of non-polluted TR90 polycarbonate. As well as being incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight, the No.3 watch is also playful and refined courtesy of its slim 38mm case that comes in one transparent finish.


TID Watches has become known for its versatility and explorations into simplistic design, and the No.3 is an entirely new material reset; offering ‘a transparent celebration of the original form of the TID Watch’, as Ola E. Bernestål, CEO of TID Watches explains. “We want to explore new materials by keeping the same case design as the rest of the collection. By introducing a clear plastic, our ambition is to insert a playful yet minimal element, which is easy to combine with any colour or style.”



The clear frame in combination with the bright-coloured watch face and wristband adds a subtle youthful character to what is a thoroughly modern, minimal watch. The tactile, abstract silhouette is available in an array colourful faces including the classic White, Black and Grey hues alongside more vibrant Orange, Pink and Green colourways that all come with matching silicone wristbands.

Not only does the No.3 add a new durable dimension to the TID Collection, but the elegance and adaptability of the silicone wristbands are fun extension that works well with any TID Watch – including the ever-popular No.1 and No.2 models.

Take a closer look at the new TID No.3 Watch in the image gallery above and the brand new watch alongside the entire TID collection at OPUMO.