Words by Lucy Thomas

The versatile nature of denim make jeans most people’s first port of call, so we think it would be safe to assume you’re pretty clued up with how to wear yours day-in-day-out, too. However, brands like Soulland and A Day's March are proving that there are a number of viable alternatives to jeans that can be just as easily incorporated into your wardrobe. Utility-wear and corduroy, in particular, are taking over a lot of new menswear drops of late and naturally, they represent subtle and easy-to-wear substitutes to denim. So, upgrade your everyday wardrobe by investing in a few of this season's best alternatives to men's jeans.

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Soulland Grey Greco Trousers

Admittedly, corduroy does appear to have a bad reputation, bringing back memories of supply teachers and maybe even that of a dodgy settee. Soulland, however, has reinvented the classic cord with their baggy fit and taped side-seam trousers. Corduroy and streetwear are an unlikely pairing but with these trousers, Soulland proves that corduroy can be casual and wearable on an everyday basis, too.

Hamilton & Hare Navy Cashmere Lounge Joggers

There are always going to be instances where joggers are unacceptable, however, with the surge in the number of brands that are reinventing classic sportswear staples, they are now more acceptable than ever. Thankfully, Hamilton & Hare's collection of premium sportswear staples are cut to contemporary, slim-tapered silhouettes and packed with small, considered details. Especially these luxuriously comfortable Hamilton & Hare cashmere joggers that make the swap from denim to technical sportswear an easy one.

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NN07 Navy Blue Kris Chinos

It’s simple really; every one should own at least one pair of go-to chinos. For one, they’re comfortable. Two, they’re incredibly versatile. And three, they’re the perfect fair-weather fall-back when it’s too hot for a hard-wearing jean or trouser. NN07's Kris Chinos are the perfect alternative to blue denim jeans as the navy colour gives the illusion of everyday denim, while, close up the Italian workwear fabric gives off a more tailored look and feel.

A Day’s March Oyster Relaxed Pants

A Day's March prove that light neutrals and pastels are something to embrace all year long, not just summer. These relaxed pants are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and the perfect alternative to denim, too. The thin cotton canvas provides the same resilience as denim but is a lot more lightweight making them an easy replacement for the heavier denim jean. Complete the look by pairing these trousers with the Army Field Jacket or the Storm Grey Worker Jacket for an easy-to-wear, understated tonal colour palette.

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