We’re entering that awkward part of the year between summer and autumn where choosing what to wear in the morning is becoming increasingly difficult. Thankfully, this week we’ve been inundated with new releases to help combat that blank stare into the wardrobe each and every morning. But we didn’t want to just serve you up the best new releases in Menswear and Sneakers. So, as usual we’ve packed out this week’s Top 5 with something for everyone; from the new BEAR supplements that you’ll feel better for taking and the Phaidon book that belongs on your coffee table. Scroll down to discover the full edit and check out last week’s Top 5 before it’s too late.

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A Day’s March Seaweed Green Baby Cord Shirt

When treated with a disciplined cut, corduroy is a material that can give a sculpted, narrow shape whilst also being comfortable to wear through the colder climes of winter, too. Its latest reincarnation at the hands of A Day’s March, the Seaweed Green Baby Cord Shirt, is a mark of corduroy’s versatility as the slim and slightly-tailored fit accentuates the material’s shape and soft-touch. Basically, it’s a shirt that you’ll grow to love and wear a lot.

Oliver Cabell Truffle Suede Chelsea Boots

According to Oliver Cabell, the brand worked with an Italian crepe supplier for over a year to create a custom natural rubber for the outsole of the all-new Chelsea Boot. The result, is not only a slim-line, easy-to-wear outsole but one that offers a little bit more comfort than your ordinary Chelsea crepe sole. Much like the eternally popular Oliver Cabell Low Sneaker, the Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot is a low-key, expertly produced rendition of a timeless shoe – and it’s pretty much one the best pairs of Chelsea boots to wear through the changing of the seasons.



BEAR Restore Supplement

When it comes to making long-lasting lifestyle changes its often the small, considered steps that make the biggest impact. Joining a new gym and attending for two weeks only to abstain for the next three months is not sustainable. It’s the routine of eating better, walking a little bit more and generally taking a smarter, more sensible approach to life that pays dividends. Essentially, that’s the mantra of BEAR – the pioneering Australian beauty and wellness brand that create a positive foundation of health through one small, yet significant act. This Vitamin K2 will assist the development and maintenance of bone health by using only highly activated, bio-available ingredients of a therapeutic level. The good stuff, basically.

Phaidon Scorsese on Scorsese Book

Everyone loves a coffee table book and we may be being presumptuous but a lot of people love Martin Scorsese, too. So this one is an easy pick, really. Both revealing and incredibly personal, Scorsese on Scorsese is unique in the sense that it is part autobiography, part film production manual. The gripping, beautifully detailed and fascinating read offers a unique insight into the creative processes of one of the world’s greatest film-makers, from his first shorts to his most recent masterpieces, through interviews given throughout his career to his friend Michael Henry Wilson, starting in 1974.



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