Founded in 2015, Barcelona-based brand Shon Mott deals in sustainably made staples. The label is founded by brothers Pep, Kiko and Lluis Buxo Genero who seek to replicate the laid-back beauty of the environment in which they grew up. A serene, natural colour palette characterises the collections alongside clean lines, high-quality craftsmanship and a focus on sustainable production.

Not only is the brand raising the bar with their clothing collections but as it grows, more brick-and-mortar stores open, each carrying the label’s unique demeanour. All Shon Mott locations boast the interior design work of Ana Genero who has instilled each separate store with a consistent aesthetic, while catering subtly to the variety of shapes, sizes and layouts.

Shon Mott Barcelona


  • Carrer d’Amigó, 50
  • Carrer de Pau Claris, 157

Due to Barcelona being the label and founders’ hometown, the city is lucky enough to have two Shon Mott stores. While the Carrer d’Amigó store is smaller and much less opulent than the grandiose Carrer de Pau Claris space, both exude the label’s bohemian foundations. Minimal interiors are punctuated by dark woods and surfboard fixtures to the walls.

Shon Mott Lisbon


  • Rua Dom Pedro V, 43

Embedded in Lisbon’s traditional arched windows sits Shon Mott’s serene oasis. The neutral hue of the clothing that lines the walls works harmoniously with the marble and dark wood surfaces that are flooded by natural light all day, making it a more than agreeable shopping experience.

Shon Mott Antwerp


  • Drukkerijstraat, 22

The newest and largest of the stores, Antwerp’s very own Shon Mott makes use of the distinctive colour scheme, including marble and dark wood detailing. Like all of the brand’s shops, the Antwerp space focuses primarily on natural light which lends the stores their breezy, welcoming feeling.

Shon Mott Madrid


  • Calle Lagasca, 70

Our favourite of the locations, Madrid’s store is typified by the striking black marble front. The interior continues the showroom style that all of the locations share: metal, wood and marble elevate the wooden beach house-esque flooring and surfboard decoration. The result is a stylish, modern take on bohemian interiors.

The great success, in our opinion, of the series of stores is that in an age when retail is moving increasingly further from the idea of owning physical shops, the onus turns to creating an experience for your customers. Shon Mott’s calming, stripped-back interiors provide ten minutes of respite from a day of shopping, wandering, travelling, anything. Even more impressive is Ana Genero’s success in replicating the core values of the label’s clothing in the form of the stores’ interiors: open and bohemian but with a decisively modern approach and masterful execution.

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