In the world of menswear, one brand stands out for its unique blend of style, comfort, and sustainability: Tropicfeel. Their mission is to inspire authentic, conscious travel that reconnects individuals with nature, offers unique experiences, and fosters awareness of the environment. Travel, they believe, is a year-round opportunity for everyone, and Tropicfeel encourages responsible and respectful exploration while leaving a positive footprint.


Why Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel is not just a footwear company; they're pioneers in changing the way we approach travel. They are dedicated to inspiring conscious travel and making a positive impact on the world through responsive business practices, responsible products, and a collective voice. Their ongoing commitment to sustainability aims to transform the global economy for the benefit of people, communities, and the planet.

Who founded Tropicfeel

In 2017, founder and CEO Alberto Espinós embarked on his own travel adventures, realizing that the available travel gear didn't meet the needs of backpackers like him. This realization ignited the inception of Tropicfeel. In 2018, Tropicfeel launched its debut product, the Monsoon sneakers, on Kickstarter, becoming the platform's most funded shoe ever. This remarkable achievement showcased the demand for versatile and sustainable travel gear and resonated deeply with a global community of travelers. Today, Tropicfeel continues to innovate, offering eco-conscious products that blend fashion and functionality, inviting men to step into comfortable, stylish shoes while embracing a world of conscious travel that leaves a positive impact on every adventure.

What products are Tropicfeel known for

Tropicfeel is celebrated for its diverse product lineup, including all-terrain and water-friendly shoes with quick-dry and slip-resistant features. They are also recognized for their travel lifestyle backpacks, which seamlessly integrate ecosystems, offer modular expandability, and smart packability. Additionally, Tropicfeel's range includes travel jackets that effortlessly combine lightweight construction with weatherproof functionality, providing travelers with versatile and reliable gear for their adventures.

What materials does Tropicfeel use

Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester (rPET) is a lightweight, quick-drying fabric that reduces reliance on nonrenewable petroleum. Most rPET is derived from recycled plastic bottles, diminishing greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. In Spring 2021, 88% of their polyester fabrics were recycled, resulting in a 14% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester.


Nylon, known for its strength and lightness, is a crucial material for Tropicfeel. Incorporating recycled nylon lessens dependence on virgin petroleum, reduces waste, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions during production. Tropicfeel exclusively employs Recycled Nylon in all their nylon fabrics.

Recycled EVA

Tropicfeel also embraces Recycled EVA, a water-friendly material suitable for their products. EVA plastic waste is repurposed into soft, flexible plastic sheets for accessories and packaging. Tropicfeel is actively working with partners to increase the percentage of recycled EVA used in their outsoles.

Organic Cotton

Tropicfeel is committed to using Organic Cotton. This sustainable choice requires less water, avoids pesticides and toxic chemicals, and promotes soil health, contributing to efforts against climate change. Their dedication to eco-conscious materials aligns with their values.

Where can you buy Tropicfeel

Though based in Barcelona, Spain - where they hold pop-up shops - Tropicfeel ships its products to travelers around the globe. So, get shopping before your next trip to see and feel the difference in the efficiency of your adventures.

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