Project name: Turgot | Location: Paris, France | Completed: 2018 | Area: 160 sq.m. | Architects: DROO

The high ceilings and elegant coving of Turgot have been conserved and enhanced by Michel Da Costa Goncalves and Amrita Mahindroo, the minds behind DROO. DROO is a multi-disciplinary studio offering a fresh approach to architecture, interior design and urban projects. While the studio's reach is far and wide, each project is a culmination of conditions distilled into one statement that takes into account physical and intellectual context.

Paris apt

Turgot takes inspiration from Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi whose work depicts subdued, often dramatic interiors. Like in Hammershøi's paintings, the architects meld the foreground and background through use of singular framed views along an enfilade of rooms.

Paris apt

The project is characterised by a calming colour palette. Natural concrete walls boast a soft off-white hue which works harmoniously with pale tones of birch wood and contrasts with quietly luxurious dark Zimbabwe leathered granite finishes. Texture and shadows are emphasised thanks to the pared-back palette. The already striking ornate panelling and detailing seen on the coving, mirrors and fireplace are elevated to centre stage.

As for furniture, DROO uses simple but bold shapes that create a subtle juxtaposition with the classic details around Turgot. The living area is populated by chairs which feature slim steel frames, clean lines and sharp angles.

Natural light floods through traditional Parisian floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring that the sombre colour palette never drops from tasteful to depressing.

Photography by Simone Bossi.

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