When it comes to motorbikes, cafe racer builds have seen an explosion in popularity over the past decade, with custom makers inundated with new projects. Few, however, have grabbed our attention like Untitled Motorcycles Zero XP.

Untitled Motorcycles is a custom garage made up of Adam and Hugo; Adam runs the London garage while Hugo heads up the San Francisco operation. Both have an affinity with motorcycle customisation though, working on commissions for individual clients and factory brands like Ducati, Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Yamaha.


No more obvious is their expertise than in the Zero XP. This experimental electric motorcycle is a way of Untitled Motorcycles exploring the future of motorcycle design. At its core, the Zero XP features a machined aerospace-grade aluminium powertrain that contains the batteries, charger and motor. The 82kW motor produces almost 40% more torque than a Ducati Panigale which gives the Zero XP quite a kick – 0-124 mph with a single twist of the wrist.

With no need for components like a fuel tank, carburettors or an exhaust, the scope for design is vastly increased. This spaceship-esque design is inspired by drag bikes and aircraft and, as such, has been stripped down to feature only enough bodywork to allow a rider to ride comfortably: knee grips and a transparent tank housing the digital instrument cluster as well as footpegs.

While we all suspect that the future of motoring is in electricity, bold projects like the Untitled Motorcycles Zero XP show the true versatility and creativity that new developments in motoring can bring.

Photography by Ludovic Robert.

Find out more at Untitled Motorcycles.

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