Situated in Hungary’s capital city, the well-loved Budapest, Villa Cinquecento by Napur Architect is a property that interacts with its natural surroundings, offering the structure and its inhabitants a deep connection to the beautiful, wild environment.


During the property’s lifetime it has had three different owners been subject to the visions of many architects. Because of this, it was important for the client that there was a close working relationship this time round to ensure that the final product was perfect; it seems to us like that worked out well.


Villa Cinquecento is embedded into the dramatic slopes of the area which is characterised by a beautiful valley, a privilege that very few have in the bustling Hungarian city. Regardless of its location, Villa Cinquecento is evidently inspired by modern villas. This visual interplay between flowing, wild landscape and geometric, concrete modernity is a memorable first impression.


Travel inside and you’re greeted by more modernity. Opulent interiors stand out against the backdrop of white walls, ceilings and floors. Regular hits of vibrant colour and creative lighting punctuate the interiors which, although containing a lot, don’t seem cluttered thanks to a keen eye for detail. Continue through to the rear of the property for the social areas: here you’ll find the inviting swimming pool and decking complete with a dining table for al fresco enjoyment.

Finally, if you were wondering why the villa is called Villa Cinquecento – it's the world famous Fiat 500. Yes, really. At the front of the house you’ll see the industrial garage which, instead of housing a Ferrari as you might expect, is home to a humble Fiat 500. While owning a Ferrari may be a fun-filled thrill ride, the client desired a garage designed for their favourite Fiat 500, one of the world’s least ostentatious vehicles.

It’s perhaps in this sentiment that we can see why the project worked so well: when both the architect and client understand the meaning of harmonious relationships – whether it’s between owner and car, client and architect or house and environment – a project is destined for success.

Photography by Tamás Bujnovszky.

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