Welcome to the distinct chill of the ultimate creative retreat. Nine highly contemporary wood cabins on a steep hillside in a remote region of Norway form Fordypningsrommet, or "room for deeper studies". Like the look of it? Well, this remarkable Arctic getaway is available to rent right now.

In this remote archipelago north of Norway there is no shops, cars, or noise—nothing but Fordypningsrommet, an eco-friendly hideaway with nine unique timber structures.

Fordypningsrommet is the brainchild of Norwegian jazz musician Håvard Lund who suggests that it's for "people who fancy the art of doing nothing". In peak months you'll be able to watch the splendour of the northern lights without getting out of bed. Each of the nine cabins is clad in sustainable Kebony wood and they're on stilts used to minimise the impact on a virgin landscape. Residents get there by a 75-minute speedboat ride from the town of Bodø, some twelve miles away.

This remarkable project is the work of TYIN Architects in collaboration with the acclaimed Finnish designer Sami Rintala. Four of the cabins are designated for sleeping, while others house a kitchen, bathroom, studio and sauna. The most dramatic structure is a “tower for big thoughts” on its own tall podium with floor to ceiling windows.

You can explore Fordypningsrommet’s availability on their website—take note of the season for Northern Lights, which begins in late August.

Images by Pasi Aalto.

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