We all know what it means and we all know what it takes to be considered minimalist. But we don’t know how to replicate it or, more importantly, how to master it. Thankfully, there are a number of new wave photographers on Instagram who are making minimalism more accessible and more inspirational than ever before. Including independent photographer and architect Irini Giotopoulou – aka @Irini_Ioto – who stars in the latest edition of ‘Who We’re Following’.


Name: Irini Giotopoulou (@irini_ioto)

Location: Athens

Camera: iPhone 7plus

Full-Time Job: Architect

What Do You Use Your Instagram For: Architecture and travel photography

What Is Your Favourite Photograph On Your Instagram Page & Why: This photo I called ‘Light Life’ of a private residence in Athens where I spent a lot of time studying its light and forms. (See below)

Favourite Place Your Instagram Has Taken You: Amanzoe, Greece

Top Tip For Instagram: Keep it simple and considered

Three Of Your Favourite Instagram Accounts:






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