In stealth matte black, a sumptuous bespoke interior and tall, chunky tyres, this is a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser like no other.  Legacy Overland are the American off-road fanatics responsible. This is no cosmetic job, but a fully fledged back-to-the-chassis nut-and-bolt rebuild that justifies the odometer being wound back to zero. Here's why it is the ultimate off-road attention seeker:

At first glance, you'll notice cut back half-doors, full LED lighting, an up-to-the-minute sound system, wraparound bucket seats and full length leather clad benches in the rear. All innards are now rust-proofed. Detailing of every mechanical part is meticulous.



Gloss black accents emphasise the matt finish, a full spare is mounted out back where there's also a jerry can for those swift refills when you're off-roading in the desert. For the animal lovers "vegan leather" is used.

Forget your run-of-the-mill Range Rover. This car is unique and Toyota Land Cruisers simply aren't allowed to break down. Add luxury and contemporary amenities and the only limit to where you can go is your imagination. A magnificent repurposing of a true classic.


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