Many e-bikes deliver when it comes to performance but severely lack when it comes to design. New releases like the Zooz bike change all that. 

The Zooz Urban Ultralight pairs a 27mph max speed and peak power of 1200W with a throwback BMX-inspired design that remains both robust and lightweight. If you want an electric bike that goes as well as it looks, it could be for you. 

With a large 48V 17.5aH (840wH) battery, it certainly goes. One of the main attractions to e-bikes is their obvious speed, which can be especially handy when pulling away from a junction. The legal top speed for an e-bike through the throttle is 20mph, but on the Zooz bike you can hit 27mph if you peddle at the same time, and thanks to the Samsung 35E cells, power never fades. 

The design is what really separates the Zooz bike apart though. The patent-pending 4130 Chromoly steel frame, forks and handlebar set up references the classic BMW silhouette, making it not immediately obvious what the bike is capable of. The custom-moulded seat gives things away though, as underneath it lies the discreetly located battery. 

Stopping the Zooz are 203mm front and 160mm rear disk brakes, among the best in its market segment. The charging time is pretty sweet too, at only four hours meaning it can easily be done in an afternoon or overnight. A minimum range of 25 miles ensures you’ve got plenty of time to get back if you’re running low, too. 

The Zooz Urban Ultralight costs from $1,899 and is available here

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