They call this 1990 Mercedes the "White Wolf”, a refurbished G-Wagen ready to growl anew. Expedition Motor Company, New Jersey-based with a heart in eastern Europe, have taken this most utility-oriented Mercedes and added 2,000 hours of labour to give it a fresh lease of off-road life.


While today's G-Class is a piece of SUV-sized jewellery, the 1990 Mercedes 250GD, known to enthusiasts as the Wolf, was designed solely for service in the army, fire brigades and the police. Worn out by active and demanding lives many end up on scrap heaps. Not, happily, this 1990 Mercedes 250GD.

The White Wolf was rescued by 250GD superfan Alex Levin, who had a childhood love of these machines in Belarus. Now he takes battered examples and turns them back into the 1990 Mercedes models they were when rolling off the production line. This is no restomod with updated engine upfront, however. Under that signature bonnet is the same diesel - rebuilt, of course - that would have powered a 250GD on Nato manoeuvres. However pristine, it’s still a 1990 Mercedes 250GD with rattling mechanicals to match. Driving it promises to be as proper classic car experience.

Levin says each salvaged 250GD takes up to 2,000 hours of work, at workshops in Poland and Germany. When military camouflage on this particular 1990 Mercedes Wolf became Arctic White, it gained its name. There are lovingly crafted concessions to contemporary needs. Centre console is in teak, while wood inserts to the doors add just the right note of luxury. There’s air conditioning for those who need more than wind-in-the-air refreshment, a Mercedes five-speed automatic gearbox is fitted and there’s electric heating to all seats. Expedition recreate some 30 each year, for sale in their New Jersey showrooms. We’ll be taking ours up the nearest Alp.

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