So many brands need to invent a sense of authenticity and history to give their products a backbone. Saucony don't even need to try. Each pair of these proudly American sneakers is true to Saucony's founding principle in the early years of the 20th century: to provide footwear for race winners.

Take the distinctive, yet subtle, three-dot logo that's on the side of every Saucony sneaker. These dots are more than a design flourish. They speak of the first Saucony sneakers, produced on the banks of Saucony Creek in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The three dots represent the running waters of Saucony Creek, with three boulders breaking the surface. They are a constant echo of the brand's origins, as is the reminder, still occasionally printed on sneaker boxes, of how to pronounce the name: "sock-a-knee".

Over the years, the aim has always been to provide runners with the finest and lightest shoes to beat the competition on track. Style came a distinct second to function, and in that lies Saucony's enduring appeal.

In 1985, Saucony produced their key silhouette: the Shadow. Now called the Shadow Original, these were shoes promoted under the "1st is first. Second is nowhere" slogan. Low-key exterior design concealed high technology which the company continues to develop to this day.

By 1988, the Shadow 5000 and 6000 had been added to the range, with extra support in innovative heel cups for extra comfort.

Saucony has enjoyed a much-deserved renaissance in recent years, as sneaker fans return to classic silhouettes, and relish the century-long backdrop that Saucony provides.

We're great fans of this deliberately low-key brand and we can't wait to see what they do next.

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