Thanks to its understated and incredibly comfortable range of premium sneakers that you can wear in pretty much any situation, CQP have made a lot of lives easier over the last few years. Well, now the Swedish brand is taking even bigger steps when it comes making your life a breeze, particularly if you live in Stockholm, with the opening of a brand-new seasonal store in the Swedish capital.


The second iteration of CQPs seasonal store in Stockholm finds its home on Ingmar Bermans Gata 2 and will stay open throughout summer from May through to August.


As well as showcasing the brand’s signature range of Racquet and Tarmac sneakers, the shop will also be home to some exclusive CQP sneakers that you won’t find anywhere else. Which, if we’re being honest, is as good as an excuse as any – even beyond the carefully curated interior – to visit the store.

If you’re not based in Stockholm, nor will you have the chance to visit the store, you can take a quick tour of the shop in the image gallery above. Or, if you’re on the hunt for some new CQP sneakers, then we’re giving you a quick run-down of some of the best CQP sneakers to be wearing this summer below.



CQP Jetty Slip-Ons

The clean lines and streamlined silhouette ensures that this easy-to-wear Jetty slip-on sneaker will look at home in the most elevated social settings as well as casual ones, too. Plus, thanks to the arch support, several layers of cushioning and metal shank for stability, the Jetty is about as comfortable as they come.

CQP Leather Mamba Sneakers

CQP’s Mamba sneakers' full-grain leather uppers and calfskin linings illustrate CQP's movement into slimmer, more comfortable styles for summer, while the off-white rubber sole offers an interesting touch of contrast against the pristine white uppers.


CQP Racquet Sneakers

CQP is known for placing an emphasis on quality over unnecessary detail, and the brand’s understated aesthetic speaks for itself. This unlined version of the slim-line Racquet also benefits from an innovative deconstructed build which makes it extremely soft and breathable.

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