When you think of vintage watches you probably don’t think of modern components, long-lasting durability and everyday reliability. What you do probably think of is beautiful, considered craftsmanship and timeless, elegant design. Stop for a moment and put those two philosophies together. Sounds good, right? Looks pretty good too. Well, that’s exactly what you get from About Vintage. The Danish watch brand, founded by Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen and Sebastian Skov Regeser, offers seven different watches that are all inspired by the finest vintage designs yet they feature the best modern components to ensure they are designs that can go the distance.

There is an array of Scandinavian watch brands out there – from TID to Verk to name just two – and they all offer something genuinely new and exciting to the watch market. About Vintage is yet another successful player in the Scandinavian watch game. With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, they produce modern day watches that offer a clinical combination of classic vintage detailing with contemporary design flourishes. To point you in the direction of one of the most popular About Vintage watches and to give you a heads up on all the details that you should be looking out for, we’ve pulled together a quick and comprehensive About Vintage Watch review below. However, if you’re tight on time and already head-set on one particular watch, you can go ahead and shop the entire About Vintage watch collection.

About Vintage 1844 Chronograph Review

The About Vintage 1844 Chronograph is considered to be the standout watch in the About Vintage collection and when you consider the variety of designs in the catalogue, that’s quite a glowing testament. In the year of 1844 the chronograph was updated to include the re-setting feature, which allowed for successive measurements. About Vintage, therefore, design the dial of its ever-popular 1844 watch with numbers and precision lines to ensure that each timing and reset is spot on. Just like the old days.

That level of detail stretches into every last element of the watch. Every About Vintage 1844 Chronograph is made unique thanks its individual number engraved on the case back. The case itself, coming in at 41mm in diameter, sits comfortably on the wrist and it helps to balance the graphic tradition that the 1844 is so popular for.

Moving on to the dial, the same dedicated approach to design is evident as soon as you pull the About Vintage Watch from its delicately designed box. As you would expect, the chronograph dial is pleasantly detailed and highly original. The dial adopts a dual style, with a straight brushed outer ring and a more concentrated pattern on the inside. The intricacies also stretch into the two sub dials at the six and twelve markers respectively, and they both sit proudly alongside the date marker to the 3 marker and the etched ‘Skov Andersen’ – a combination of both the founders’ names – logo next to the 9 marker.

Another considered detail of the About Vintage 1844 that often gets overlooked is the strap-changing functionality. Each watch comes with one of the brand’s interchangeable straps so you can simply customise the look of your watch with a click of a finger – without having to fiddle with the usual tools that many other watches force you to do.

Green / Steel 1815 Chronograph Watch
Blue Sunray / Steel 1815 Chronograph Watch

In terms of technical specifications, here’s all you need to know when it comes to the About Vintage 1844 Chronograph Watch:

  • Case: 316L high-precision stainless steel
  • Dial: Pearl white with steel dots and hands and a small black second hand
  • Glass: Domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating
  • Movement: Miyota 6S11 Quartz Chronograph
  • Size: 41mm wide, 11mm thick
  • Strap: 20mm Italian leather with pin buckle
  • Water Resistance: 5ATM
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Final Comments:

Overall, the About Vintage 1844 Chronograph is a well-balanced graphical design that brings the best of its vintage watch components – in particular, the dual chronograph dial and understated colour palette – by knitting it closely with the efficiency and reliability of modern-day Scandinavian watches. It gives each watch a look and feel that certainly exceeds its £300 price tag. Yet, it remains subtle, discreet and understated like so many modern minimalist watch brands to ensure that every About Vintage watch can be worn day-in and -day-out too.

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