Nestled in the heart of Switzerland's picturesque Gruyère region, you'll find the stunning alpine house. Designed by the visionary Charly Jolliet, this architectural gem stands proudly in the Prealps of Fribourg. At first glance, it exudes the charm of an alpine chalet, but a closer look reveals a masterpiece of modern luxury living. Despite its alpine house appearance, this single-story timber wonder conceals a sophisticated domestic layout beneath its expansive roof, which cleverly shelters living spaces and even garages and loggias. The delicate stainless-steel cladding adorning its edges not only adds an elegant touch but also channels rainwater to precisely positioned downspouts, showcasing a marriage of aesthetics and functionality.


Architect Charly Jolliet's design for the "House with a Pyramid Roof" is a true celebration of expressive timber structure. As you approach the house, the intricate framework becomes visible from a distance, drawing the eye towards the singular point at its peak. The living area unfolds beneath this pyramid, creating a welcoming, open space, while the bedrooms maintain their privacy within. The centrally positioned loggia, a pivotal element in the floor plan, serves as a sheltered terrace, elegantly dividing the front section symmetrically. The stainless-steel cladding at the pyramid's corners isn't merely a decorative flourish; it serves a practical purpose by guiding rainwater to the precisely positioned downspouts. This thoughtful integration of form and function underscores the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to blending the structure harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

To maximize panoramic views and invite an abundance of natural light, Charly Jolliet strategically rotated the House with a Pyramid Roof toward the southwest on its plot. This thoughtful orientation not only enhances the visual appeal but also fills the interior spaces with a flood of daylight. The interplay of light and views becomes an integral part of the architectural narrative, creating a strong connection with the surrounding landscape. While the exterior pays homage to traditional alpine architecture, the interior unveils a modern and thoughtfully designed living space. This juxtaposition between tradition and modernity is where the warmth of wood meets the sleekness of stainless steel, and where the spatial layout masterfully balances openness with privacy. The House with a Pyramid Roof is not just a dwelling; it's a testament to architectural innovation and a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxury.

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