In the world of adventure, having a reliable timepiece is essential, and that's where outdoor watches come into play. These rugged timepieces are designed to withstand the elements while providing accurate timekeeping and essential features for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, scaling mountains, or diving into the depths of the ocean, a quality outdoor watch is a must-have accessory for any adventurer.


Where to buy the best outdoor watches

When it comes to finding the best outdoor watches, Heron Watches stands out as a top choice. At its core, they celebrate the spirit of adventure and exploration. Each watch they create is meticulously designed in Canada, drawing inspiration from the country's stunning natural beauty and rugged terrain. Heron's design philosophy is grounded in functionality, durability, and versatility, ensuring that every watch is up to the task, whether you're in the field or at the office.

Top picks for outdoor watches

Gladiateur - Navy Blue

Gladiateur is a modern travel watch that embodies elegance and simplicity. Powered by a classic mechanical caliber, it features a distinctive 12-hour Roman numeral bezel for tracking a second time zone. With a navy blue rubber strap and water resistance up to 100m, it's perfect for any adventure.

Gladiateur - White

Similar to the navy blue variant, the Gladiateur in white offers the same functionality and elegance but with a different aesthetic. Paired with a steel bracelet, this variant adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor adventures while still maintaining durability and reliability.

Marinor - Atlantic Blue

Inspired by man's conquest of the ocean, the Marinor is a seafaring tool watch that pays homage to the great dive watches of the 1950s. With its black design and robust construction, including a hardened stainless steel case and automatic Miyota 9039 movement, it's built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration.

Marinor - Caribbean Blue

The Marinor in Caribbean Blue offers the same exceptional quality and craftsmanship as its black counterpart but with a vibrant aqua blue colorway. Featuring a boxed sapphire crystal, dome sapphire bezel, and Swiss lume, this watch is not only stylish but also highly functional, with a water resistance of up to 300 meters.

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