There are more sneaker styles on sale today than ever. From pared-back, minimalist trainers through to luxurious suede sneakers, hiking-inspired silhouettes and functional running shoes, there are plenty of options for any taste or purpose.

Not sure where to start? Here are four sneaker styles we're loving right now. We won't judge if you stock up on one of each.

Minimalist sneakers - Oliver Cabell

There’s no denying the merit of minimalist sneakers. Simple of design and, when chosen well, extremely well made and built to last, they can be worn with virtually anything and look great. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 model in luxurious Italian calfskin leather is a great place to start if you’re on the hunt for some of your own. With a clean, understated silhouette, they'll look great with your favourite pair of denim jeans and a workwear-inspired overshirt.

Tennis shoes - ETQ

Tennis shoes have changed quite a bit since they were first invented to improve a player’s agility on the court. Today they boast all manner of technology and lightweight materials to aid with performance, but back in the day they were simpler designs. ETQ has taken inspiration from vintage styles with its luxurious LT 03 Alloy sneaker, which boasts a simple grey nubuck leather upper and a durable outsole made from TPU, a compact alternative to classic rubber.

Slip on trainers - CQP

Slip on trainers are arguably the most comfortable of styles, thanks to their slipper-like construction and feel. Popularised by the skate community, slip on trainers’ low construction and often deconstructed feel ensures they’re suitable for summer, making this CQP take ideal for the warmer months. Made from Italian suede and with a leather lining, it's a luxe take that’s been handmade for a long lasting appeal. 

Retro running shoes - Filling Pieces

Retro running shoes have made a big comeback over the past few years, with big name brands turning to their archives for inspiration. Filling Pieces has looked to the '90s for its athletic FP REAF style, which is innovatively crafted from mesh and premium matt nappa leather upper with striking fluoro detailing. The in-house designed custom REAF sole reinforces Filling Pieces' forward-thinking ethos. For all you need to know about Filling Pieces sneakers, read our comprehensive review.

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