When it comes to quirky interior design, there’s one name to remember: Beyond Object. This London-based design studio focuses on desktop objects and home accessories rather than furniture. Using these smaller objects as a medium, Beyond Object communicates a new, more exciting view of the world. Even the most banal things become reasons for wonder and experimentation.

Logical Sculptures

The studio believes that functional objects can be designed and crafted as art, which may seem like a big statement but one look at the Beyond Object collection will show you all the proof that you need. From high-shine pencil sharpeners and modern paper weights disguised as something much more futuristic to the Silo Wall Clock: part sculpture and part contemporary wall clock, this modern design touches on refined minimalism as well as a sense of open-minded creativity. 

Like us, you might feel a little confused when you first explore the collection, inspecting different angles of an object in an attempt to work out what its purpose is. In fact, that’s exactly what Beyond Object is hoping for. This search for meaning is at the centre of every one of the studio’s designs because when you figure it out, you discover the true essence of Beyond Object: a magical moment of surprise. 

Beyond Object Orbis Wall Clock

This modern wall clock makes a dramatic addition to any white wall. A three-dimensional suspended ring winds around the perimeter, peeling off from the edge. We suggest positioning the clock near a source of natural light to make the most of the unorthodox design. The floating ring casts a mesmerising shadow against nearby surfaces, extending the effect of the oversized wall clock

Orbis Wall Clock perfectly exemplifies the studio's concept: manipulating an everyday object to create a unique experience. A precise German movement powers the large wall clock which comes with three sets of hour hands so that you can choose your details. 

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