If you’ve got the blues, here’s the blue Audi to fend them off, rally-style. The Quattro was Audi’s revolution on the rally stages, with competition versions twice winning the World Rally Championship. Key is the Quattro’s concept: this is a high-performance four-wheel drive express, designed for fast progress whatever the weather, whatever the conditions. Snow and ice? Bring it on.

Powered by Audi’s signature in-line five-cylinder turbocharged engine, this immaculate 1984 example promises a top speed of 137 mph with 60 mph coming up in a swift 7.3 seconds. That striking paintwork is officially Amazon Blue, Audi speak for what you might call Audi moonlight blue metallic, but whatever the name of the colourway - Audi navarra blue anyone? - the exterior is in virtually unmarked condition, as well it might be given the Quattro was treated to a glass-out respray six years ago. Refurbished Zermatt Silver alloys? But of course.

Open one of those Amazon Blue Audi doors to reveal an interior that speaks delightfully of the 1980s, using the company’s Brazil cloth to front and rear seats. Dashboard features deliciously retro LCD dials and readouts, while all important features are controlled by analogue buttons, and are all the better for that. Central and prominent are the controls for the differential locks - with appropriate graphics denoting front and rear - to be used when the going gets really tough, and the Quattro needs to keep going. This blue Audi may on one level be a svelte coupé, but when needs be it’ll get you up hill, down dale and through that muddy field with consummate ease.

Modern classics come no more desirable than this. Not least because these early Audi Quattros were part hand built to very high standards on a dedicated production line, so they’re as bulletproof as it’s possible for such a high performance car to be. You might be considering as an alternative a supercar Audi R8, blue or any other colourway, and while an R8 might provide greater acceleration and top speed, it’ll be no match for the blue Audi Quattro you see here when the conditions are against you. Price for all of this history and ability? Four Star Classics are asking £37,995, or about the price of a new Nissan X-Trail. We know which we’d choose as our daily driver.

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