If you’re looking for the perfect BMW 323i for your collection - or even as a classy daily driver - may we humbly suggest this car is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a meticulously restored Ascot Grey/Graphite Grey executive express, a 1982 BMW 3-Series of the E21 generation - in BMW-speak - or simply the greatest ever 3-Series in plain petrolhead. This particular BMW E21 - for sale right now - is one of the last made and so sports the “LE”, for Limited Edition, moniker, bestowed on just 170 UK-supplied examples. Nice, isn’t it?


You’ll have noticed the subtle two-tone grey/grey exterior, the somewhat less-subtle deep front spoiler, adding a touch of intent to the BMW 323i’s form-follows-function exterior design - and also the sharp BBS alloys, refurbished of course, correct for the LE specification of this highly desirable E21 BMW, for sale and looking for a new and long life as your automotive partner.

Inside, the original grey cloth Recaro seats are present, correct and ready for a trans-Continental journey of the sort that every BMW 323i was made for, beyond the standard E21 BMW duties of turning everyday motorways into memorable driving experiences. Three-spoke sports steering wheel offers a clue to nifty performance - 60 mph coming up in 9.5 seconds with a top speed on your nearest autobahn of 118 mph - and the period cigar lighter and ashtray are there as monuments from another time.

Under the front-hinged bonnet of the BMW 323i, Munich’s storied straight-six engine looks immaculate, not surprising given the full rebuild lavished on the power unit by specialists ARM six years ago. Mileage might seem high - at 112,900 - but the care lavished on this particular 1982 BMW means it could easily double that without so much as a scuff to the Recaros waiting inside the BMW 323i. Four Star Classics is where you’ll go to find this BMW E21 for sale. They’re asking £29,995, barely enough for a basic new BMW today and substantially more interesting. We’d have it in an eyeblink.

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