New Bodum products are always a reason to sit up and take notice. That’s not least because this pioneering Danish-born brand has made form-follows-function into a 76 year mission of excellence. There's nothing extraneous about a Bodum piece, whether it be the company's renowned coffee press - or their newly released outdoor ranges.

Bodum design is conceived to surprise and delight every time you use one of their products. The famous coffee press, first introduced in 1958, revolutionised coffee making. The Bodum Assam teapot, developed for the British Design Council in 1991, is a simple way to use tea leaves while making a brew without any of the bother of a strainer.

Now, there is more. For 2020 Bodum’s dedicated design unit, Pi-Design AG, has focused on fresh outdoor pieces to make the most of the summer months. One elegant result is the Oktett range of tumblers. Made of selected polycarbonate, the Oktett tumbler offers, Bodum’s designers say, the same light transmission as many types of glass. Plus of course, it's immune to accident and, being a Bodum design, works just as well for dinner parties indoors in less clement weather.

The Pavina To Go tumbler range is another ingenious Bodum solution from Pi-Design AG. Made of shatterproof plastic, the Pavina comes with its own lid, ideal for carrying your morning's fruit juice or yoghurt, to consume on the move. The simple, classic design makes every use a pleasure: the very essence of what it is to be a Bodum product.

On-the-move design aficionados have already made Bodum's Travel Mug range a sell-out success. For summer 2020, there are new colourways, available online only, for this innovative way to enjoy tea and coffee away from home. Each Travel Mug incorporates Bodum's double wall design with a stainless steel inner enclosed in an ergonomic outer plastic sleeve, with carefully designed drinking aperture. 

There's nothing throwaway about Bodum design. As the longevity of its coffee press shows, this is a company committed to pieces that are future proof and that will bring joy to your everyday.

  1. Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses, 0.25 l
    £69 £31
  2. Blue Travel Mug, 0.35 L
  3. White Assam Tea Press w/ Glass Handle 1L
    £32 £21
  4. Pour Over 8 Cup Coffee Maker w/ permanent s/s filter
  5. Bistro Double Wall Jumbo Mugs, 0.45L
    £43 £28
  6. Grey Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee Maker, 1L
    £26 £17
  7. Black Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee maker 0.35 L
    £16 £10
  8. Double Wall Glass Set
  9. Black Kenya 4 Cup Coffee Maker, 0.5 L
  10. White Assam Tea Press w/ Glass Handle 1L
    £32 £21
  11. Storage jar with cork lid, 0.25 l, 8 oz
  12. Blue Bistro Large Bread Box
    £43 £28
  13. Copper Chambord 8 Cup Coffee Maker, 1.0 L
  14. Blue Moon 8 Cup Coffee Maker, 1.0 L
  15. Juice Glass, 0.2 L

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