In 2024, we take a look at the cheapest Ferrari models that make the prancing horse emblem a little more attainable. The Italian automaker is synonymous with speed, style, and prestige. Owning a Ferrari has long been a dream for many, and while these iconic cars are often associated with high price tags, there are more accessible options.


About Ferrari

Before diving into the list of the cheapest Ferrari models, it's essential to understand what sets Ferrari apart. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, Ferrari has established itself as a symbol of excellence in the world of sports cars and racing. Known for their signature red color, impeccable craftsmanship, and powerful engines, Ferrari cars are a testament to Italian engineering and design. Each Ferrari is a work of art, representing a blend of luxury and performance that few other automakers can match.

Cheapest Ferrari cars of 2024

2023 Ferrari Portofino

Price: £178,000

The 2023 Ferrari Portofino is the worthy successor of the Ferrari California T. This retractable hardtop convertible boasts a twin-turbo, 3.9-liter V8 engine that delivers an impressive 612 horsepower and 651 lb·ft of torque. Inside, you'll find an enhanced level of luxury, including 18-way power-adjustable seats and a 10.2-inch infotainment display. The Portofino is the perfect Ferrari for an open-air tour.

2023 Ferrari Roma

Price: £175,000

The 2023 Ferrari Roma is a stunning masterpiece, featuring a minimalist grille and a shark-nose front end. With a turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine, this Italian Stallion can truly sing. It boasts new cam profiles and a speed sensor that allows for higher RPM, delivering exceptional performance. The Ferrari Roma is an epitome of style and power.

2023 Ferrari 812 GTS

Price: £318,000

The 2023 Ferrari 812 GTS is a grand tourer that packs a whopping 789 horsepower under its curvaceous Italian body. Equipped with a front-mid mounted 6.5-liter V12 engine, rear-wheel drive, a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and advanced active aero, the 812 GTS is the pinnacle of Ferrari's super-GTs. It offers an unparalleled driving experience that combines power and elegance.

Ferrari 400i (1979-1986)

Price: £79,000

The Ferrari 400i, produced from 1979 to 1986, represents an era of classic luxury and performance. Featuring a potent V12 engine, the 400i was available with either a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission. It was a symbol of sophistication and power during its time.

Ferrari 308 GTS (1977-1980)

Price: £94,000

The Ferrari 308 GTS, introduced in 1977, was a targa-topped beauty. With its transversely mounted 2.9-liter V8 engine producing 240 horsepower, it was mated to a synchromesh five-speed manual transmission. The 308 GTS was a true representation of Ferrari's iconic design and performance.

Ferrari Mondial (1980-1993)

Price: £55,000

The Ferrari Mondial enjoyed a 13-year production run, offering various variants. The 1982 Mondial 8 boasted a new quattrovalvole (four-valve) V8 engine, injecting real snap into its performance. In 1984, the Mondial Cabriolet debuted, marking Ferrari's return to convertible design. The Mondial 3.2, introduced in 1985, featured a larger, stronger V8, making it an exceptional grand tourer.

Ferrari 348 (1989-1995)

Price: £59,000

The 1989 Ferrari 348 was a significant departure from its predecessors, featuring luxurious amenities, a more civilized overall package and 90s supercar nostalgia. Available in three body styles, including a Berlinetta, targa, and convertible, the 348 offered a blend of performance and comfort that appealed to a broader audience.

Ferrari 456 GT (1992-2003)

Price: £79,000

The Ferrari 456 GT, designed by Pininfarina, debuted in 1993. Equipped with a 5.5-liter V12 engine and a six-speed gearbox, it delivered exceptional performance. The 456 GT combined speed with luxury, offering Connolly leather appointments for four passengers. It remains a symbol of elegance and power.

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