Comovita's range of Spanish-made footwear is like nothing else on the planet. This is the young brand that doesn't mince words when it comes to explaining its environmental credentials. Quite simply, Comovita says, theirs is the world's most sustainable brand. The result is that all Comovita shoes, whatever your selection, have the supreme style of form-follows-function meets sustainability.

Every pair of Comovita shoes - whether they're stripped back sneakers or impeccably minimal Chelsea boots - is made to order. That's the first step towards Comovita's zero waste policy.  Construction is from eco-friendly materials and shoes are crafted - above all - to last both in their construction and in their timeless design. Avoiding fast fashion, after all, is a key and often forgotten component of sustainability. Ethics extend to manufacture. Your footwear will be made exclusively in Spanish factories that meet all EU standards, where shoemakers earn a fair wage for a maximum 40 hour week.

All of this means that choosing the correct size is all the more important. Comovita uses conventional EU sizing, so do make sure to match that with your usual UK size. Comovita's footwear fits true to your usual size, and the company recommends that if in doubt, you should consider going down a size.

Comovita sizing notes

  • All Comovita footwear fits true to size
  • Comovita uses EU sizes, so make sure to convert you UK size
  • If yours is between two sizes, Comovita suggest taking a size down
  • When in doubt, consider ordering two pairs to find your ideal Comovita fit

Comovita size chart

Your UK sizeComovita size

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