Deco House sits inconspicuously in the historic centre of Mérida, Mexico. The property, sandwiched by rundown fronts, opens into an unexpected tasteful treat. The dynamic between old and new, renovated and preserved, runs throughout the space in a carefully considered manner. Taller Mexicano de Arquitectura sought to update the home without impacting the features that gave Deco House so much character.


The project aimed to reinterpret the downtown lifestyle and therefore placed importance on the outdoor space: the back yard, balconies and terraces. Due to the age of the plot, some spaces were modified in order to function better while respecting the history of Deco House.


One such example is the mesmerising staircase in the back garden which is fixed solely to the central pole, allowing inhabitants to reach the second door without impacting the old stone walls. The second floor houses private spaces while the lower floor features social areas characterised by original tiled floors and stone walls.


The success of retaining the original personality of Deco House is reached through careful interior design. Furniture has been thoughtfully curated so as not to compete with the original structure. Muted hues complement the colours of the tiles and aged wood is used extensively. Although new lighting has been fitted, it’s respectfully minimal and works in tandem with the distinctive walls.

It is rare to find a development that manages to retain as much of the original space while seeming to change it so much. Through respectful and intelligent design, Taller Mexicano de Arquitectura have shaped Deco House to fit the tastes and needs of the modern day without overtaking the striking beauty of the initial build.

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