We are constantly searching for the world's best brands, trying to bring them one step closer to you. That's all well and good, but with the amount of great clothing, furniture and art on-site, sometimes you might miss out on some of the other gems. On that note, we're here to introduce one of the newest additions, and extend a warm welcome to Portuguese sunglasses brand FORA. Get familiar with the brand below and stay up-to-date with all the best new releases in Latest.


The FORA Sunglasses Story

FORA was founded in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Born in a bedroom, out of founder Miguel Barral’s love for vintage eyewear and sunglasses design in general, FORA encapsulates a life passion.

Realising that he couldn’t find a 100% Portuguese eyewear brand that offered high-quality sunglasses of all styles, for all occasions, Barral set out to change that. FORA is committed to producing premium eyewear for an affordable price.

Barral’s love for vintage eyewear has formed the basis for the collection. Classic and iconic shapes are plenty, while each model comes in a range of materials for all occasions. The timeless nature of a classic pair of sunglasses is hard to match in all other clothing. Many iconic figures are inseparable from their eyewear choices.



Our Top 2 FORA Sunglasses:

One of the best things about FORA, beyond offering a number of iconic frames at a more accessible price point, is the variety of sunglasses that they have on offer. From easy-to-wear round frames to vintage tortoise designs, they've got every kind of base covered. To point you in the direction of a few of our favourites, we've rounded up three of the finest FORA frames that you can buy right now.

FORA Light Dreamer Sunglasses

Round lenses are great to add some flair to an outfit, this pair may not be perfect for formal occasions, but the clear frames are as cool as it comes for summer time relaxing.

FORA Dark Tortoise Hero Sunglasses

Take this time machine back to the ‘50s. A strong, recognisable square shape is ideal for a formal outfit. At the same time, Fora has elevated the frames with a subtle tortoiseshell pattern.


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