“Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.”

Enigmatic art duo, NEVERCREW, continue to analyse the relationship between the human race and nature through their ongoing collection of enchanting street art.

Formed of Christian Rebecchi and Pable Togni, the pair have worked under the NEVERCREW moniker since 1996. Working to develop the issue of confrontation – in regard to two people’s ideas and forces working as one – the duo interacts with public spaces to extend the idea of confrontation in a direct, yet discreet way.

Their precise stylistic techniques has allowed them to deepen the message of their work in a new way and to a new audience. For instance, the signature large-scale murals ask questions about some of the largest issues facing humanity from climate change, immigration and humankind’s exploitation of nature. The latest collection of street art has been etched across an array of tower blocks and buildings from the Grenoble Street Art Festival in France to the Cities of Hope in Manchester.

Take a closer look at our favourites from their most recent collections and be sure to follow NEVERCREW on Instagram, @NEVERCREW.