If you’re looking for a few free-and-easy summer wardrobe staples then this second instalment of ‘How To Look Good On Holiday’ has everything to help you style out the warm weather. Invest in a few of these and you'll have nothing else to worry about until the end of September.

In case you missed it, check out the Holiday Edit #1 featuring the latest releases from Garrett Leight, Garbstore, Common Projects and more, here.



Wax London Cornflower Blue Reid Wave T-Shirt

Wax London regularly steps away from the monochromatic silhouettes and clean silhouettes favoured by most easy-to-wear modern menswear brands in favour of unique fabric choices and playful colours. Featuring a detailed chest patch print inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai’s famous Great Wave painting, the t-shirt is crafted from an ultra-soft cotton in a slightly washed out Cornflower Blue colour hue which makes it perfect for the transition from the beach to the bar.

Common Projects Navy Suede Original Achilles Low Sneakers

Clean, simple and comfortable – the Common Projects Achilles Low is back at the forefront of our summer ensemble and is available in a range of pastel colour hues and all-time favourites from the Achilles Low White, Black & Grey. The Navy Suede colourway is our standout style thanks to its two-tone design, butter-soft suede uppers and contrast rubber sole that provides you with a little bit more comfort than most.

Nikben Moshi Moshi Swim Shorts

NikBen offers swimwear that ‘conveys not only a pattern, but also a statement or an unforeseen twist.’ Which basically means colourful and characterful designs that appear considered and sophisticated rather than providing a trying-too-hard-to-be-on-holiday-having-fun kind of look. Soft pastel hues are back in a big way this summer, which makes this pair of cream Moshi Moshi Shorts – complete with its understated red mushroom design – the perfect choice.

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Alex Orso Silver Komodo Claw Pendant

There’s a simple reason as to why we’ve featured an Alex Orso Pendant in both Holiday Edits – beyond the fact that you can only get some of them at OPUMO, of course. For the first time, Alex Orso’s pendants are smaller and more considered than ever before, which naturally makes them more wearable than ever before. But that doesn’t mean, they’re not as detailed. As the exclusive pendants maintain the same industrial feel and focus on clean, geometric shapes but they’re just a little bit more considered. Which, in actual fact, makes them perfect to wear alongside a printed shirt of a plain tee.

Garrett Leight Moonrock / Semi-Flat Grey Shadow Gradient Wilson M Sunglasses

The Wilson is one of Garrett Leight’s most popular frames courtesy of its incredibly classic shape. Inspired by music legend John Lennon, the Wilson is a style that epitomises the Californian brand’s sunglasses aesthetic most pertinently – bold, sophisticated and contemporary – and these Moonrock Wilson M sunglasses come complete with all-metal frames, acetate temples and detailed filigree.

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