Have you ever dined in the dark? Although there are a selection of restaurants famed for their pitch-black dining experiences, it’s not a style that’s worth replicating at home. When it comes to minimal dining room lighting, you’ll be much better off if you take a helping hand from names like Industville, Anglepoise, Menu and Normann Copenhagen. What’s more, even the professionals of the dining-in-the-dark world wouldn’t dream of a badly lit kitchen, so neither should you. We’re lighting two rooms with one article today, and we’re doing it all with a budget of just £105. Keep reading to see the best kitchen lighting and Scandinavian dining room lighting ideas.


Industville is founded on utilitarian values. Taking inspiration from industrial furniture and retro lighting, each piece makes the ideal, durable and stylish kitchen light fixture. Every vintage metal light is low-maintenance and offers a prime opportunity to diversify modern kitchen design.

This minimal kitchen pendant light makes maximum impact when arranged in groups. The simple design punctuates any room with its memorable metal finish. An indirect effect of the use of a metal lampshade is the quality of light. Light from a vintage incandescent bulb combines with the metallic reflection of this industrial copper lampshade to emit a deep, warm light that retains enough power to be a kitchen spotlight.

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When it comes to Industville’s signature industrial style lighting, few designs epitomise the style as wholly as the Retro Enamel Pendant. This vintage pendant light comes in a variety of authentic and on-trend shades to suit all décor styles. The minimal kitchen pendant is extremely versatile and well-suited to a range of styles but will bring a flash of character to its surroundings. 

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  1. 5" Petwer Cyinder Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant
  2. 16" Brooklyn Step Flush Mount Light
  3. 16" Sleek Step Pendant Lamp
  4. 8" Brass Brooklyn Flat Flush Mount Light
  5. 8" Brass Sleek Dome Pendant Lamp
  6. Rose / Pewter Brooklyn Wire Cage Wall Light
  7. Pewter Vintage Sleek Edison Wall Light
  8. 12" Brass Sleek Cone Pendant Lamp
  9. Copper Brooklyn Vintage Metal Dome Pendant
  10. 12" Pewter Brooklyn Cone Flush Mount Light
  11. 12" Brooklyn Cone Pendant Lamp
  12. 7" Pewter Brooklyn Cone Pendant Lamp
  13. Brass Old Factory Pendant Lamp
  14. Pewter Vintage Sleek Edison Wire Pendant
  15. Brass Globe Collection Pendant Lamp

White Ceramic 1227 Mini Wall Light
White Ceramic 1227 Mini Pendant Light


Anglepoise sets the standard for much of the modern kitchen lighting market. This brand has been doing its thing year in, year out for almost 90 years, so it’s no surprise that it’s a front runner in any decision regarding kitchen or dining room lighting. Every Anglepoise light is characterised by simple confidence – devoid of any frills, all focus is placed on the classic shapes and clean lines that run throughout the collection of minimalist ceiling pendants and retro table lamps

Anglepoise Original 1227 Pendant

While all Anglepoise designs are imbued with signature iconic design, the 1227 Pendant Light is a classic of great proportions. Anglepoise’s 1227 Pendant Light comes in a range of sizes and finishes, our favourites are the Ink Blue Brass Pendant, Jet Black Original Pendant and the White Ceramic Pendant. This versatile ceiling pendant design affords the opportunity to save some valuable table space while acting as a worktop, bar or dining table spotlight thanks to the fabric-braided cable.

  1. Alpine White Type 75 Floor Lamp
  2. Blue MHL X Angelpoise Type 75 Desk Lamp
  3. Pistachio Green Type 80 Wall Light
  4. Linen White Original 1227 Desk Lamp
  5. Edition Three Paul Smith Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp
  6. Grey Original 1227 Wall Mounted Lamp
  7. Jet Black Original 1227 Mini Wall Light
  8. Linen White Original 1227 Floor Lamp
  9. Russet Red Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp
    £135 £95
  10. White Type 75 Maxi Pendant
  11. Jet Black Original 1227 Midi Pendant
  12. Warm Silver & Blush 90 Mini Mini Desk Lamp
  13. Jet Black Original 1227 Wall Light
  14. Grey Mist Type 80 Desk Lamp
  15. Steel Blue & Grey 90 Mini Mini Desk Lamp

Black Cast Pendant
Black Cast Pendant


Since 1979, Menu has been providing the world with the best that Scandinavian interior design has to offer. While it’s certainly not rustic Scandinavian design, Menu offers a modern perspective of the famed Scandinavian interior design principles of simplicity, functionality and style. 

Menu Black Cast Pendant

Menu’s Black Cast Pendant takes inspiration from traditional plumb weights. The interplay between the two industrial pendant lamps gives the design a bold, sculptural appearance. This means that even if the lights aren’t in use, this dining room pendant light makes a statement. Altogether the Cast Pendant embodies Menu’s Scandinavian design principles of soft minimalism and quiet tactility. 

  1. Brass Staple Lamp Tribeca
  2. Smoke 33cm Aer Vase
  3. Brass / Clear Wine Breather Deluxe
  4. Olive Carrie LED Lamp
    £150 £120
  5. Brushed Brass Suspension Frame
  6. Black Co Lounge Chair
  7. Burned Red / Black Base Harbour Side Counter Stool
  8. Medium Échasse Vase
  9. Black Kaschkasch Floor Mirror
  10. Brass Franklin Chandelier
  11. Steel JWDA Pendant Lamp
    £280 £182
  12. Cast Sconce Wall Lamp
  13. Dark Glazed Ø13.5cm New Norm Bowl Set of 4
  14. Black Cast Pendant
    £100 £100
  15. Smoke Ø13.5cm New Norm Bowl Set of 4

Gold / Green Amp Large Pendant Lamp
Smoke / Black Small Amp Lamp

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen’s collection of modern minimal furniture and Scandinavian lighting feels familiar thanks to its understated appearance. Take a closer look, though, and the premium dining chairs, stylish desk lamps and more always feature a refreshing twist. 

Normann Copenhagen Amp Pendant Lamp

Like many of the lamps that we’ve included in today’s round up, Normann Copenhagen’s Amp Pendant Lamp makes the most impact when arranged in groups. Using the different lengths of textile cord provided, create a dynamic still life. We think that this minimalist pendant lamp works best in a dining room as its modern design feels slightly too refined for the kitchen. 

  1. Grey Terra Small Table
  2. Large Sand Bell Pendant Lamp
  3. Black / Chrome Form Stacking Bar Stool
  4. Grey Pendant Bell Lamp
  5. Grey Terra Large Table
  6. Black Steel Form Bar Stool
  7. Black Leather Ace Lounge Chair
  8. Petrol Green Stage Floor Lamp
  9. White Eddy Table Lamp
  10. Black Flow Table Lamp
  11. Black Form Armchair
  12. Walnut Tales of Wood Office Bin
  13. Sand / Oak Herit Armchair
  14. Misty Blue Cap Table Lamp
  15. Black / Grey Form Armchair

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