L'Estrange is renowned for its carefully curated range of expertly-crafted seasonless essentials, which includes the likes of classic trousers, tailored T-shirts and timeless hoodies. In a bid to rail against fast fashion, the London-based label limits its offering to core pieces that stand the test of time, so you know that when it adds new garms, they're going to be good.

Such is the case with L'Estrange's latest drop: a new line of re-engineered pieces that comprises linen trousers, two versions of shorts (7" and 9") and a collared and collarless linen shirt. The items are crafted from a versatile, comfortable blend of linen, cotton and elastane, which is naturally easygoing and fluid, but most importantly wearable beyond the summer months due to its acclimatising properties and slightly heavier weight. The addition of cotton and elastane to make the linen more wearable, by resulting in less creasing and more comfort and flexibility.

The basis for this new re-engineered linen line comes from the thinking that flax (the plant from which linen is made) is one of the oldest and most sustainable fibre crops in the world, so why isn't it used more? Flax as a plant relies only on the sun and rain to grow. It’s also a rare material, accounting for only 1% of global apparel production," says Will Green, Co-Founder of L'Estrange.

"It really is a natural fibre that should be used more – especially considering the majority of clothing is made from synthetic materials using fossil fuels. The more clothes made from linen, the lower the industry’s carbon footprint. So the question was: how do we make linen more wearable? We think we’ve done it.”

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