As your approach from the sea, Villa Earth is the Mediterranean villa that resembles a superyacht. Two pristine white decks extend outwards towards the blue beyond, a glass-bottomed pool offering the ultimate in seaside swimming.

Villa Earth is a piece of nautical minimalism by Athens-based Vrantsi Architecture on the unspoilt coast of Corfu, a place that invites you in to a luxurious space that, once you’ve parked the Porsche 911 in a glass-fronted garage, you’ll never want to leave. Sip on an organic espresso and put aside all and any thoughts of other Mediterranean villas, those that have the temerity not to resemble the sleekest of ocean-going yachts, and realise that no seaside residence comes close. The vision for this singular Mediterranean villa really is that jaw-droppingly good.

If you thought design of Mediterranean villas had become just a little ho-hum, just a little predictable, think again. Just drink in the lines of this unique Mediterranean villa for proof. But it’s more than superficial good looks. Villa Earth is practical, too. There's room, beneath that pool, to moor a speedboat or two, so that once you’ve finished lounging on one of the sundecks of this earthbound yacht masquerading as a sybaritic Mediterranean villa, you can take a ride into the azure blue yonder to dock at your lunchtime restaurant of choice. Back at Villa Earth for cocktails, you’ll wonder again at how glass, steel and concrete combine in sinuous curves, at how those elegantly confident decks with consciously sustainable design aesthetics blend with the rugged coastline all around.

Villa Earth is, for now, a vision on paper awaiting the necessary permits to build this one-of-a-kind destination Mediterranean villa, a place where even your supercar garage has a breathtaking view. As for us, we can’t wait to see Villa Earth built, and for our invitation to take our custom powerboat there for sunset dinner, prepared on the hand-finished marble counters. Vrantsi Architecture have, in short, knocked all other contenders in the packed field of Mediterranean villas out of the park, or at least out of the Mediterranean.

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