The transition from winter to spring is arguably the biggest seasonal transition we experience. Moving from darkness to light and from cold to slightly less cold means that our wardrobes need a quick update. The change to a spring wardrobe doesn’t stop at substituting a cable-knit sweater for a cotton crewneck jumper. We want to focus on how to bring a flash of personality to your ensembles this season: men's accessories. From minimal watches for men to Sterling Silver rings, here are the best men’s accessories for spring 2020

Alex Orso Hex Signet Ring

Silver signet rings for men are being touted as the must-have accessory of the season. The simple design comes from the days when sealing letters was done with a wax stamp. The flat top surface of the signet ring would feature a family crest which could be pressed onto the hot wax, leaving its mark.

In the modern day, this function of the signet ring for men is now obsolete, so we’ll have to accept that they just look great and that’s all. The Alex Orso Hex Signet Ring is cast in solid Sterling Silver and plated in Rhodium, lending the outer surface of the ring a brushed satin finish. This is a great accessory for those new to jewellery because it doesn’t shout for attention.

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Fora Goldlover

Not only is a pair of sunglasses a functional accessory for spring, it’s also a sign of optimism as well as the fact that everyone feels like a better version of themselves when wearing sunglasses.

For spring, we’re opting for Fora’s Goldlover frame. These round frame glasses for men boast ZEISS lenses offering 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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About Vintage 1969 Vintage Watch 

Don’t see yourself as an accessory wearer? Minimal watches for men have been saving unaccessorised male wardrobes for years and it won’t stop any time soon.

About Vintage’s 1969 Vintage Watch was designed in honour of the year that the world’s first Quartz watch was invented, so this timepiece features a precise Quartz movement. A large, understated white face characterises this luxury watch for men and affords you the opportunity of spicing up your look without stepping out of your comfort zone.

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VIU Eyewear The Hustler 

Swiss precision as you’ve never seen it before. We’re not talking about watches, we’re talking about VIU Eyewear, our favourite Swiss export since… well, probably Toblerone.

VIU Eyewear’s The Hustler frame is the perfect sunglasses shape for round faces. We can’t resist the Navy Blue Shiny acetate frame which is accompanied by VIU’s anti-reflective, anti-scratch, nano-coated UV lenses so that you get premium form and function.

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TID Watches No.1 40mm 

If you thought that the About Vintage 1969 Vintage Watch was understated, think again. TID Watches does its hometown of Stockholm proud with the ultra-minimal TID Watches No.1 style in black and white. This men’s wristwatch is made of stainless steel with a monochromatic brushed steel finish. Reduced to its bare essentials, No.1 is a highly functional and great-looking Scandinavian men’s watch which will see you through spring and beyond.

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