You may have stocked up on chunky knit jumpers over the Christmas period, in which case, we envy you. For those who haven’t filled our wardrobes with cable-knit jumpers – this article is for you. We’ll be delving into the minimalist men’s knitwear collections of Native North, Percival and Artknit Studios to offer you a suit of woollen armour to face the transition from winter to spring in style.

Native North

Founded in Copenhagen in 2014, Native North explores the synergy between minimal Scandinavian design principles and unique fabrics choices. The result is a collection of men’s outerwear, wardrobe staples and premium accessories that are ideal for seeing you through the colder months. 

Native North Asker Wool Knit Indigo Blue

This classic Scandinavian fisherman’s woollen jumper features a medium gauge rib-knit crafted from a blend of soft cashmere, merino wool and cotton. That makes this chunky knit jumper extremely lightweight and astoundingly warm. Native North’s signature style always makes strong references to the label’s home. Men’s Scandinavian knitwear is famous for its minimal design and maximum effectiveness thanks to the temperatures of the region. The Asker Wool Knit embodies traditional Scandinavian knitwear style with a contemporary twist.

  1. Navy Hooded Paper Jacket
  2. Navy Gofer Jacket
  3. Green Hooded Paper Jacket
  4. Grey P6 Logo Hoodie
    £97 £63
  5. Khaki Herringbone Utility Jacket
  6. Beige Striped Herringbone Shirt
    £97 £78
  7. Black P6 Logo Hoodie
    £97 £63
  8. Beige Moleskin Fleece Jacket
    £170 £78
  9. Purple Wool Workers Shirt
    £134 £44
  10. Moss Melange Wool Shirt
    £134 £78
  11. Sand Engineer Jacket
  12. Salt & Pepper Hurley Cap
  13. Beige Tech Shorts
  14. Green Bassa Paper Pants
  15. Green L5 Track Crewneck
    £91 £57


Percival’s design values can be summed up in one simple motto: “Subverting the classics.” The British label looks to redefine menswear classics with unique textures and patterns. Each of the brand’s collections provides essential men’s wool jumpers, classic men’s coats and jackets and wardrobe staples, all of which mostly traditional but updated with delicate design twists.

Percival Copper Cotton Mockneck Weave Zip 

The Percival Mockneck Weave Zip has been one of our most worn items this season. Knitted in a custom Percival stitch, the soft cotton mockneck jumper features a quarter zip so that you can zip it up when the temperature drops. Finished with ribbed edging and a subtle tonal stripe knit, this men’s mockneck jumper is a fundamental spring garment.

  1. Black Spaceman T Shirt
  2. White Sushi Fish T Shirt
  3. White Terrarium T Shirt
  4. Cream Purl Weave Cuban Knit
  5. Waves of Kanagawa Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt
    £99 £69
  6. Black Spaceman Embroidery Hoodie
  7. Navy Octopus Itamae T Shirt
  8. Khaki Sherlock Waterproof Mac
    £189 £159
  9. Navy Worker Twill Outershirt
    £119 £99
  10. Navy Fuji Pagoda Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt
    £99 £69
  11. White Evil Eye T Shirt
  12. Heather Grey Embroidery Spaceman Sweatshirt
  13. VHS Hoodie
  14. Olive Worker Twill Outershirt
    £119 £99
  15. White VHS Long Sleeve T Shirt

Artknit Studios

Founded in 2018, Artknit Studios combines classic Italian sartorial elegance with some of the highest-quality wool in the world. This label is based in Biella, Italy which, if you didn’t know, is regarded as the capital of wool. The collection consists largely of men’s minimal knitwear, from scarves to men’s luxury cardigans and woollen polo shirts.

Artknit Studios The Overshirt Jacket

Crafted from extra-fine merino wool made in Italy, The Overshirt Jacket is a lightweight woollen jacket that features a central button closure and a casual stitch making it perfect for completing a modern, layered look. With each piece made to order, Artknit Studios can operate on a zero-waste policy as well as ensuring the highest standards throughout the collection. The meticulous precision of every edge and cut in the collection is testament to the time and expertise that goes into each piece of men’s minimal knitwear from this label.

  1. Navy Silk Cotton Polo
  2. Blue Navy Linen Knit T Shirt
  3. Cream Knit Polo
  4. Brown Knit Polo
  5. Ivory Linen Polo
  6. Cream Perkins Sweater
  7. Navy Sartorial Linen Hat
  8. Navy Wool Bomber Jacket
  9. Cream Overshirt Jacket
  10. Blue Navy Round Neck Silk Jumper
  11. Jungle Perkins Sweater
  12. Cream High-Neck Cashmere Knitwear
  13. Ivory Linen Knit Shirt
  14. Blue Navy Linen Knit Shirt
  15. Jungle High-neck Cashmere Sweater

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