In 2018 we don’t get enough time around nature, so it’s time to bring nature to us. Living around plants has been proven to lower stress, as well as regulate room humidity and obviously producing oxygen. Despite all of the advantages, we know that looking after plants can be another commitment to add to the long list. However, with these innovative plant pot solutions, your plants will be an enviable aesthetic addition to a room, as well as taking the effort out of the upkeep. It's that easy. Check out our round-up of the best minimal pot plants below and stay updated with all the latest and greatest Homeware arrivals in Latest

Plant Pots

Menu Black Medium Wire Stand & Plant Pot

Menu pride themselves on being the purveyors of high-quality original design, from sofas to plant pots. This minimalist wire stand plant pot will fit seamlessly into any room, bringing a touch of geometric Japanese class to a sorry looking windowsill or corner. You can purchase the stand and plant pot separately or together, which is a plus. There are also several choices of height so you can find the perfect stand for any surface.

Plant Pots

Plant Pots

Pikaplant Chamaedorea Terrarium

When it comes to commitment, the Pikaplant Chamaedorea Terrarium is about as low-maintenance as living things come. The Chamaedorea plant, having been sealed in the airtight space inside the jar, creates its own ecosphere. This means that the plant constantly recycles the water that’s in there, so you don’t even need to water this one. Pick a nice location for the Chamaedorea and witness nature in action.

Vitamin White IV Plant Pot

Vitamin’s IV Plant Pot does indeed have an IV drip to do the hard work for you. As well as being a quirky and unique aspect to the design of the plant pot, the IV drip does the job of nourishing your plant as and when it needs it. There’s really no excuse to not fill your home with plants now.

Plant Pots

YUYU Amsterdam Navy Basket

Made of 100% raw jute, YUYU Amsterdam’s Basket is exceptionally strong, making it a versatile addition to any room. Use it as storage – YUYU recommend bathroom accessories or magazines – or even a plant pot. The basket is and looks 100% natural so we think it’s only right that it homes a plant.

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