Bodum hardly needs an introduction. Since its launch over 75 years ago, the Copenhagen-based brand has become beloved the world over for its high quality yet affordable kitchenware, which spans everything from coffee makers and tea pots to barbecue accessories and serveware. With a 'form follows function' design ethos, Bodum creates products that adhere to clean, pared back aesthetics and ultimate practicality. These are items that are designed with the straightforward goal of improving the everyday.

Exemplifying Bodum's simple yet classic approach is the label's innovative travel range. The pieces in the range — which encompass a selection of reusable to-go tumblers and cups — prove incredibly useful at this very moment, given that travel is beginning to pick up again and an increasing number of people are commuting to work following lockdown restrictions.

The travel collection includes the clever Pavina To-Go Cups, which are ideal for carrying a smoothie, granola, fruit, or a hot or cold drink — whether you're rushing off to work in the morning or out for the whole day. Available in a range of sizes, the tumblers offer the good looks of glass, without its fragility. Made from shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, they're virtually unbreakable. And if that isn't enough, a double-wall construction ensures hot and cold food and drink are kept at their prime temperature for longer and a secure lid keeps contents safe while on the move. Genius.

The same innovative characteristics of the Pavina cups apply to the Bodum Joycup, a reusable snack cup that keeps wet and dry ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat, making soggy cereal a thing of the past. Again, this clever cup is typical of the innovative design that Bodum is so well loved for. You'll wonder how you ever travelled without one before.

  1. Blue Travel Mug, 0.35L
  2. Bistro Coffee Mug Set
    £31 £12
  3. Copper Chambord 8 Cup Coffee Maker, 1.0 L
    £65 £42
  4. Black Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee maker 0.35 L
    £16 £10
  5. Pavina 2 Pcs Double Wall Thermo-Glasses, 0.25 L
  6. Purple Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee Maker, 0.35L
    £16 £10
  7. Pistachio 8 Cup Coffee Maker 1.0 L
  8. Blue Assam Tea Press w/ Glass Handle
  9. Travel Mug, 0.35L
  10. Grey Granola Joycup, 0.25l
  11. Bistro Double Wall Jumbo Mugs, 0.45L
    £43 £28
  12. Double Wall Cups w/ Handle
  13. Pink Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee Maker, 0.35L
    £16 £10
  14. Pilatus Double Wall 6pcs Glasses
    £52 £23
  15. Pavino to Go Double Wall Tumbler, 0.25 L
    £12 £6

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