There's no doubt about it: Bodum knows good coffee. Since the Copenhagen-based brand was launched over 75 years ago, its beloved coffee makers have been a kitchen staple of coffee lovers the world over. From the revolutionary Mocca Vacuum Coffee Maker to the Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, Bodum's iconic products have been responsible for many a perfect cup of coffee.

“Our mission is pure and simple," Bodum's founder Peter Bodum said. "We aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions, as well as household accessories, to everyone. We innovate to create great designs at affordable prices in line with our guiding principle of ‘form follows functionality’."

According to Peter's son Jørgen Bodum, who is now the company's CEO, making the perfect cup of coffee needn't be complex.

“Good coffee beans, a glass beaker, a steel filter, and freshly boiled water is all that is needed to brew the world’s best cup of coffee, and that is how it has always been."

Making your morning coffee should be a time to take pause and relax. The last thing you want to be doing is fussing over disposable add-ons or extraneous accessories. Plus, when around two billion cups of coffee are being consumed each day around the world, it pays to do your part by reducing the amount of waste caused by pesky single-use items like coffee capsules or paper filters.

“Make taste not waste. No paper filters, no capsules," says Jørgen. "Only great coffee at Bodum.”

Start your morning the right way with these essential coffee products from Bodum.

Copper Chambord 8 Cup Coffee Maker

A classic for a reason, the Chambord dates back to the pre-war period. To this day, Bodum continues to produce the coffee maker with the same artisan craftsmanship of the past, but with a focus on environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Grey Travel Mug

Ideal for when you're hurriedly running out the door in the morning, Bodum's travel mug will keep your coffee hot on the go. It's made of high-quality stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone for ultimate durability.

Vacuum Coffee Maker

The Mocca Siphon Coffee Maker was Bodum's very first product, introduced by Peter Bodum in 1956. This updated version brings energy consumption right down, with no electricity, no wires and no plugs necessary.

  1. Violet Assam Tea Press w/ Glass Handle 1L
  2. Blue Bistro Large Bread Box
  3. Bistro Double Wall Jumbo Mugs, 0.45L
    £43 £28
  4. Pavina 2 Pcs Double Wall Glasses, 0.35 l
  5. Pour Over 8 Cup Coffee Maker w/ permanent s/s filter
    £43 £22
  6. Pistachio 8 Cup Coffee Maker 1.0 L
  7. Copper Chambord 8 Cup Coffee Maker, 1.0 L
    £65 £42
  8. Copper Large Coffee Glass, Set of 2, 0.3 L
    £26 £13
  9. Blue Travel Mug, 0.35 L
    £32 £16
  10. Pink Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee Maker, 0.35L
    £16 £10
  11. Purple Double Wall Travel Mug, 0.35L
    £14 £9
  12. Yohki Storage Jar w/ Cork Lid, 1.0L
  13. Double Wall Glass Set, 0.2L
    £69 £24
  14. Blue Assam Tea Press w/ Glass Handle
  15. Grey Caffettiera 3 Cup Coffee Maker, 1L
    £26 £16

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