In the same way that you can generally expect the FIFA World Cup to be full of English disappointment and the sky to be full of clouds, it’s very likely that this summer will be full of weddings. Hence why we’re here and you’re reading this. You’ve been invited to a summer wedding and you’re wondering whether you can get away with wearing sneakers. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Before we go in-depth on some of the best summer wedding sneakers we need to iron out some social responsibility. Not all male wedding guests are suit wearers. Not all weddings guests feel comfortable in tailoring, especially in summer. But, let’s be clear. We’re not advocating wearing sneakers to a wedding unless you are quite sure it is going to be acceptable. You have to consider the location, setting and dress code. You also have to consider that there are sneakers then there are sneakers. You don’t want your ordinary off-the-shelf sneakers that you’ve been wearing all year long. You need a box-fresh pair and you need to make a statement.

Wearing sneakers is not a cop-out. Just look at how popular they have become in a modern man’s wardrobe. They’re prized possessions and many of us value them more highly than dress shoes. Which is why a summer wedding and the right sneaker is a match made in heaven. Think about it. It’s much easier and more imaginative to switch up a suit-and-tie for a lightweight collared shirt, unstructured blazer and a tailored trouser. The lightweight fabrics and more relaxed shapes will act as the perfect complement to your choice of wedding sneaker. It’s smart but casual.

Now we’ve got the details out the way it’s up to you to pick your favourite pair of wedding sneakers from our top 5 below.

Common Projects White Original Achilles Low Sneakers

Alongside the resurgence of suede and the reappearance of the camp-collar shirt, one of the most familiar sights over the past few years has been the unmistakable all-white outline of the Common Projects Achilles Low Sneaker. But it would be wrong to just think of the Common Projects sneaker as just a shoe you wear through the week. The premium leather uppers are of such high-quality that they help the Achilles Low toe the line between smart and casual. Which basically means they won’t look out of place in a summer wedding. Especially if you allow the pristine white sneaker to blaze a trail beneath an unstructured navy jacket and a pair of coordinating cotton trousers.

JAK Royal Black Sneakers

You will have seen these white rimmed sneakers from JAK worn with suits before because the modern one-inch low-top sneaker has become the default shoe of choice for anyone who is used to wearing black leather shoes in a formal setting. The sneakers are by no means traditional and they are by no means over-the-top in the way a lot of premium designer sneakers are. They are more of a sneaker hybrid, an example of the understated luxe sneaker with its plain leather uppers, shock proof inner sole and cotton laces.

How To Pull Off Sneakers 2

How to pull of sneakers 4

How to pull off sneakers 4

Diemme Navy Garda Slip On Sneakers

Diemme know a thing or two about contemporary, reliable sneakers – as their creations take inspiration from founders Denis and Maico Signor’s prior experience at Chanel, Bottega Veneta and Gucci. Over twenty years’ experience in producing the finest Italian-made footwear has culminated in the production of the Garda – Diemme’s take on the perfect slip-on sneaker. The slim and lightweight silhouette lends itself to the summer wedding season and they look their best when worn with a tailored, cropped trouser and an unstructured blazer. They lean towards the more casual end of the summer wedding sneaker spectrum but they will be certain to add an element of comfort to any beach wedding setting.

Oliver Cabell Jet Black Low 1 Sneakers

If you’re thinking of wearing a dark suit for a summer wedding – or have a darker pair of trousers to wear – then these Oliver Cabell Sneakers are the wedding shoes you need. The slim, untouched profile of the sneakers make the Low 1’s subtle enough to get away with looking like a pair of actual shoes. They’ll just be a lot better looking and a lot more comfortable than those shoes you begrudgingly bring out at every wedding.

how to pull off sneakers 5

CQP All Blue Racquet SR Sneakers

Everyone knows the benefits of linen as a fabric choice when it comes to summer suiting; its soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable – and the same can be said for suede as the best summer fabric choice for shoes. In recent years a lot of men have swapped out more formal Oxford and Derby shoes for suede Moccasins and Monks and you can see these CQP Racquet Sneakers as an evolution of that move. The Racquet’s slim, low-top silhouette has a full leather lining and no unnecessary padding, which means they’ll stay cool and comfortable through the long day. Plus, the all-navy uppers will work particularly well with a neutral coloured suit.

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