If accessories make the man, then RODERER have it covered. RODERER is the minimalist brand created to provide a series of high quality collections of sunglasses, wallets, bracelets, bags and more with a unified form-follows-function design language. There is no flash here, just great design and craftsmanship, subtly delivered.

RODERER's founder is the designer and serial entrepreneur Olivier Birault. His background in running a heritage watch company and as a leading light in Formula One meant frequent journeys in First Class, where he couldn't help but notice that - as RODERER now put it - "otherwise elegant gentlemen often travelled with poorly designed leather goods, be it a wallet, a briefcase, or a suitcase". The seed that became RODERER was born.

RODERER exists to provide those elegant accessories, with a focus on what this young brand, founded in 2016, calls "understated sophistication for the modern gentleman". Creation is by hand, detail is key, finish is of high quality, all with the aim of ensuring that RODERER pieces simply get better as they acquire that attractive patina of travel, whether that's worldwide or on your urban commute.

The RODERER signature on each piece is a simple crown, in polished steel on soft-grained Italian leather wallets or on the innovative five-in-one messenger bags that are among the leading pieces in Roderer's tightly edited collections. 

RODERER design is always restrained and classic, so that bespoke-to-RODERER sunglasses are in two distinct Aviator styles, conceived to work on their own or along with other key RODERER pieces such as discreet woven leather bracelets, personal jewellery of the most refined kind.

So whether it's an apparently simple, immaculately subtle baseball cap, an essential RODERER keyring or a stylish Italian leather backpack, RODERER are meeting that aim of providing great design for the elegant gentleman, and then some.

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