Rombo IV by Miguel Angel Aragonés is a blank canvas to reflect the precious little nature in Mexico City. The almost entirely white house is surrounded by greenery which is visible from everywhere thanks to the open-plan, glass-filled interior.

From the white marble floors to the immaculate white walls and cascading glass windows, everything inside Rombo IV is there to extend the open space. “I wanted to have an exterior that protects privacy, to be seen only by the sky, the air or the sun, that the house could be inhabited with solitude,” says Aragonés about Rombo IV. We think he succeeded.

The overall effect of the open floor plans that lead to gardens is one of serenity. The house has a stillness and calmness that few can replicate. In a place like Mexico City, this calmness around nature is all too rare.

Perhaps most striking about the property are the lighting possibilities. Reminiscent of a James Turrell installation, the white spaces of Rombo IV are transformed into vibrant colour blocks at the flick of a switch. Party, anyone?

Photography by Joe Fletcher

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