Located in the small valley of Vallés in Catalonia, Sant Marti House combines traditional and modern architecture. The three-floor austere main structure is used to its full advantage with the help of refined contemporary design.


Francesc Rifé Studio have utilised the traditional masonry stones that encase the project while injecting contemporary design into the minimalist interior. The theme of contrasting elements is unified through the use of a neutral colour palette and natural materials throughout; from the natural oak surfaces to the concrete floors and marble sink.

Large archway windows allow the property to flood with light and look out onto the garden that transitions into the forest; making it a space without visual limits. The garden contains a swimming pool and a pergola area, perfect for the summer, and that also reinforces the dialogue between the house and the garden.

Another significant space is a newly renovated building separate from the main house. Its gabled structure provides dimension and definition. The building’s arches are liminal, marking new territory between the exterior and interior with the use of metals and glass.

Sant Marti House provides a unique haven where the conventional and the contemporary, and the practical and the appealing collide.

Photographer: David Zarzoso

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