As the days get colder, we thought we’d lend a helping hand by providing our 5 top Autumn shirts for every occasion, work or play. If you’re anything like us, we think all of these are essential wardrobe pieces. But maybe we like to shop too much. If that’s a thing?


The Chiller

We think these types of shirts are making a major comeback for Autumn. Perfect to chill in, perfect to wander about in. For this category, our winner is an old school classic in the form of a Navy Rugby Shirt from A Day's March. For us, this screams relaxed. Autumn shirts that are perfect for those weekend mornings having your morning coffee. We think a man should feel comfortable in his clothes, hence this taking the top spot in this weight category. Stick on some lighter jeans and a pair of low top trainers and you'll be looking fashionably casual.

YMC shirts

The Good-Time Guy

You’ve had the chilling shirt, it’s only natural that the next one is for when things start to liven up. Right? And of course, a fan-favourite is making the cut. If YMC was a boxer, we’d probably call him Lennox Lewis, quite literally knock-out cool. Sorry… Anyway, we think the rave-inspired relaxed, oversized, and loose garments from YMC’s AW19 collection perfectly fill this spot. Born through a nostalgic lens looking back at 1970’s London, the party is kept alive with this collection. We’re never too old, right? The winner of this category has to be the Blue Baggy Shirt. Why you ask? Well, let us tell you! From the warehouse to the wardrobe, this shirt is perfect for when we should get together and let the good times roll (BB King, 1999). Wear an off white t-shirt under this piece from YMC for when things get too hot to handle. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Autumn shirts.

Paul Smith

The Creative

For our creative friends, we’ve chosen none other than this stalwart from Paul Smith; The Mid-Wash Denim Shirt. Made from 100% cotton denim this shirt is embracing workwear completely. The fit is one of our favourites from a denim shirt, and that’s why it’s made the cut after serious trials and tribulations. Denim oozes workwear, and this is why we love it. An item that is not just for the 19th-century gold miners. Although, if you are a gold miner, keep traditions alive. But please heed Kanye’s advice. For the office creative, wear a white roll neck under to add a bit of spice to this fashion recipe, or simply triple denim it. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Denim is perhaps one of the most versatile fashion pieces and is a definite essential for anyone that loves to get down and dirty, or just look seriously cool. After all, denim is never not cool, that’s why we think you should buy it now, and wear it forever.

White Shirt

The Businessman

Whilst many of us celebrate the demise of traditional corporate work attire, some still like to dress to impress, in the conventional sense. This is why we’re including a complete wardrobe essential in our Autumn shirts edit; the White Heavy Oxford Essential Shirt. Dress this shirt up, or down, for any business occasion and you’ll be turning heads in the boardroom in no time. Personally, we love a cropped trouser and loafers with a crisp white shirt. For us, this is a perfect spin on the old-school approach to work clothes, with a side of self-expression. However, archaic sartorial rules like “no brown in town” are perhaps still words to live by. Sling on some accessories instead, risk it for a biscuit. But, we won’t be upset if you team it with a classic suit. After all, Tarantino himself said; “You can’t put a guy in a black suit without making him look a little cooler than he already looks”. Well said, Sir.



The All-Rounder

As we said at the start, we are a fan of being prepared for all occasions. That’s why the Navy Cardiff Shirt from Legends is taking the final spot in our top list. This shirt is an Autumn essential and we are big fans. Personally, we love the combination between shirt and jacket, perfect for all occasions and to provide some more warmth for the colder mornings. To create a more sophisticated look, keep it zipped to the top, but open it all up with a white t-shirt underneath for a more relaxed feel. For the all-rounder, versatility is essential. In our eyes, navy is always a solid choice. Sling on a pair of jeans or beige trousers and you’ll be looking effortlessly cool in no time (not that you aren’t already, obviously). But don’t play it safe, have some fun this Autumn. The weather might be boring, but we aren’t letting that affect our wardrobe.

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