Wearing sunglasses during winter is a risk for men. While the preconception that wearing shades in winter means that you’re desperate to be a C-list celebrity has disappeared for women, guys risk a barrage of abuse for sliding on a pair of sunglasses when the sun isn’t blazing. This is not only a shame, it’s completely unfounded. We’re here to show you that wearing sunglasses during winter is stylish and, believe it or not, sensible. 

Why wear sunglasses in winter?

Two basic types of ultraviolet rays make their way to us from the sun: UVA and UVB rays. Both of these rays can be harmful to us, they’re the reason that we get sunburnt. When it comes to eyesight, these rays can cause a range of problems from temporary blindness to cataracts and even cancers of the eye. 

During the winter, the sun is lower in the sky which makes hats less effective against its rays. Even when the sun isn’t beating down on us, it’s still there and its rays are still just as dangerous. Why then are we reluctant to sport our shades outside of summer?

How to pull off sunglasses during winter

There are two sides to this tricky equation: you are one of them, the other is the pair of sunglasses. All we need from you is to be confident in what you’ve decided to wear, and we hope we’ve got that in the bag already. All that’s left is the pair of sunglasses itself. We recommend opting for Kamo International or Fora because of their understated styles as well as the fact that both labels understand the importance of high-quality lenses. 

Kamo International Palermo Sunglasses

One of our favourite frame shapes of the moment is Kamo’s Palermo frame. This silhouette is characterised by bold, thick rims. We recommend exaggerating the striking thickness of this pair by choosing the clear frame colour. The vintage inspirations behind each of Kamo’s frames are melded with modern components like the star of the show: ZEISS lenses. These lenses offer 100% UV-protection, making them an indispensable accessory, winter or summer.

Kamo International Continental Sunglasses

If you’re hoping for your winter sunglasses to pass under the radar, Kamo International’s Continental frame is a surefire win. This frame is a bona fide classic thanks to its understated construction. The square lenses feature subtly rounded edges so that the overall aesthetic isn’t too dramatic, but still packs a characterful punch.

Fora Matte Rounder Sunglasses

Fora’s Matte Rounder Sunglasses are constructed from clear premium Italian acetate which gives the style a lightweight feel. A clear bridge and arms are contrasted by black-rimmed lenses that give this traditional round shape a contemporary update. Along with the refined frame style, ZEISS lenses promise 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Fora Wiser Sunglasses

Fora’s Wiser Sunglasses are really taking us back. All the way back to the ‘50s when this aviator frame was made popular by some of history’s coolest gents. Although a relatively small feature, the technical double bridge has become an iconic touch and we’re happy that Fora is bringing it back. This frame has attitude, it says: “Yes, I’m wearing sunglasses during winter and now you wish that you were, too.”

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