Project name: The House of the Infinite | Location: Cádiz, Spain | Completed: 2014 | Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza 

The House of the Infinite is about as radical a modern house as you’ll find. Like a vast jetty reaching out to sea, its harsh lines and bright white stone exterior shine bright against the sun, ensuring this monolith built on the beach in Cádiz is hard to miss. 

Built as an homage to the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean which it directly faces, The House of the Infinite is Alberto Campo Baeza architect’s most uncompromising design. Constructed almost entirely from Roman travertine stone, the building’s symmetrical design features and huge flat roof terrace contrast heavily with the natural landscape around it. 

On the roof itself you’ll find an integrated swimming pool and staircase, which are built down into the property, furthering the feeling of openness. There’s also three walls on the rear of the terrace to protect inhabitants from the strong winds. 

Bright and open as to be expected, The House of the Infinite features large square windows on both sides plus vast, white-painted rooms which are flooded with light thanks to floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and skylights. It makes for a striking beach house that aims to work with its environment rather than fight against it.

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