One of the hardest things about buying wall décor is finding prints that are actually original; as a print says nothing about you if every other house in the street has it too. So, this week we've done the hard bit for you, as here is what we consider to be the most versatile art prints and posters for any space or place in the home - straight from Scandinavia.

From a sprinkling of Scandinavian art prints to a few photographers thrown in too, this essential edit brings together some of the brightest names in Scandinavian art. All of which will look right at home in your interior and give you a new name to drop, too. Enjoy.

Scandinavian Art


When we spoke to Eitil Thoren Due – the creative mind behind Peytil - this summer he opened up all about the creative process and how he’s managed to build up such a striking visual identity as an independent and relatively unexperienced artist. It was a good chat. Anyway, his incredible techniques and amalgamation of ideas take on greater significance once you’ve read the piece and then go on to see his work. You fall in deeper. That’s the impact this Faberge print has anyway: a stylistic interpretation of Peytil’s spontaneous and raw expressions that combine the best of graffiti and street art.

Paper Collective

Copenhagen-based studio Paper Collective are a god send when it comes to adding authentic art to your interior. That’s because they do a lot of the leg work for you when it comes to finding wall art that will actually look good in your home. The Danish collective demonstrate how affordable art prints do not have to be mass-produced works. They do this by bringing together its favourite designers, artists and illustrators to collaborate on iconic and limited-edition graphic prints. Including one of our favourites, the Midnight Print by LEMON, a layered piece that represents the transition between positive and negative space.

Scandinavian Art

Scandinavian Art

Scandinavian Art

Kristina Dam

Kristina Dam’s incredible design achievements have all grown from Kristina’s black and white architectural illustrations. Those humble linear illustrations have evolved to not only inspire all of her other work but to improve her artistry, too. Including this new Endless Print: a considered limited-edition illustration inspired by the abstract universe of the German Bauhaus painter Josef Albers. Plus, it comes signed, numbered and professionally framed, too.

Studio Esinam

Studio Esinam is notably different to the other names in this essential Scandinavian art edit because they’re not your typical modern poster brand. Established in 2013 by art director and architect duo Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah, Studio Esinam's fascination with open spaces, urban high-rises and historic buildings has prompted them to explore architectural cities across the globe. Rather than portraying the cityscapes like you’ve seen ten times over, they tell the architectural story of the world’s landmarks and prominent buildings quite simply; by producing meticulous line drawings and elevations.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, may we suggest the Tokyo Landmarks Print – a limited-edition monochrome print that pays homage to three Japanese landmarks, Shibaura House, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and the Tama Art University Library.

Scandinavian Art

The Poster Club

It was only a couple of weeks that we picked out the most Instagrammable prints from the latest releases from The Poster Club. So we needn't go in-depth on how the Scandinavian collective bring together some of the biggest trends in art, fashion and interior design - and how they offer every type of print and poster that you could possibly imagine. They're all limited-edition too, by the way.

Anyway, one of our current favourites is this print from photographer Christina Kayser O. Christina is known for looking beyond the obvious to capture the magic of the moment. She reserves a soft spot for the unique moods she experiences on her travels to places like California, Israel, Berlin and New York. And in collaboration with THE POSTER CLUB, her unique portraits and snapshots of everyday life will be remembered forever.

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