Together with our friends at Campbell Cole, we recently released Campbell Cole x OPUMO “The Strap”, a minimalist’s take on a functional accessory. We see The Strap as an embodiment of both of our brands, which is a major part of why we believe this collaboration is a success. While it seems obvious to us on the inside why this small accessory epitomises much of OPUMO and Campbell Cole’s outlook on design as a whole, we recognise that this statement may seem a little farfetched to our followers. So, in keeping with our belief that transparency is the best policy when it comes to design, here’s a run down of the values that we instilled in The Strap.

Campbell Cole

A love of photography

Whether we’re behind the camera or appreciating the work of those more skilled than us, we hold a sincere love of photography. Being able to truly capture the feeling of a moment, or to convey a message through still images is a skill that few can master but one that we believe everybody should try. One of the main focuses when designing The Strap was to facilitate the art of photography. In a purely practical sense, if we can make it that little bit easier to grab your camera and explore without fearing breaking or losing it, The Strap has fulfilled its job.

Campbell Cole


At OPUMO we wholeheartedly believe that less is more. We try to apply this to all sides of our lives, whether that’s in the design of a garment, the way we set out the rooms in our houses, or the amount of work we do on a Friday afternoon (just kidding). When it came to designing our first ever physical product, the idea of simplicity was essential in taking the first steps. With the help of Campbell Cole, who also base their leather accessories around minimalism – ensuring that the simple things are done to perfection before making any grand gestures – we were able to translate the mindset into a sleek, all-black product of only four components that each do exactly as intended.

Campbell Cole


We think that functionality goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. We admire designers who can maintain the desired level of practicality with as few components as possible, so, naturally, we tried our hand at it. Using Campbell Cole’s experience in crafting functional accessories, we were able to rest assured that The Strap would be made to exacting standards. This primarily came down to materials: the thin cord features a dyneema core and polyester cover and it’s commonly used in items used for paragliding and the like, the leather is from Campbell Cole’s extensive repertoire. Embossed with the logo, it’s vegetable tanned and extremely long-lasting. We believe in this strap so much that you’re fully covered if yours breaks within two years of purchase.

So, grab your strap, grab your camera of choice and get shooting. But keep us in mind if you get that perfect snap: tag us in your posts with #OPUMO.

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