You probably know what this is all about by now. 5 essential items from the latest and greatest brands to land online at OPUMO that you probably haven't seen before but you'll be sure to love. Including the debut Chelsea Boot from WAHTS, YMC’s latest winter coat and Menu’s new minimalist clock.

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5 things

Have You Got Yours? YMC Navy Factory Coat

Time is running out. You probably found out the hard way when you stepped out the house this morning and felt the full force of winter. So, we needn’t tell you about the urgency of acquiring a winter coat, you just need to be buying one. This Factory Coat from YMC, complete with its concealed button front and luxuriously soft flecked wool construction, is the ideal candidate. Its straight tailored fit means you can layer it up in anyway you like while its mid-thigh length is in-line with the overriding trend of elongated coats for AW18. It’s spot on, basically.

The Sneaker-Boot Hybrid: WAHTS Anthracite Travers Chelsea Boots

Earlier this year we sat down with WAHTS founder Ulex Kostense to find out how the Amsterdam-based brand is hell-bent on improving our everyday wardrobe. It’s a commendable and contemporary outlook that works, you can hear all of his views here. Anyway, six months later another successful WAHTS menswear drop has just landed online and they’ve sprinkled in a few surprises. Including these Anthracite Travers Chelsea Boots. The sneaker-boot hybrids feature handmade leather suede uppers that make them a lot more durable than most while its elasticated side panel, black rubber cupsole and soft calfskin leather lining make them incredibly comfortable, too.

5 things

5 things

Look To Sustainable Storage: YUYU Amsterdam Grey / Blue Basket

A lot of the best homeware that you can buy right now is multi-functional, including everything from the Slowdown Studios October Throw to the Hem Verso Shelf. Well, here’s another. YUYU Amsterdam is making a big splash in the world of sustainable design for its simple, albeit extremely well-made, homeware that comes straight to you at honest prices and without a compromise on quality. That’s all well and good, of course, but what about the use? Well, YUYU Amsterdam’s natural ‘golden fibre’ baskets are fit for the lot; be it as a pot plant or even as kitchen and bathroom storage. Making them easy to switch around the house as and when you need them.

Pick Up A Future Classic: Menu Steel Wall Clock

In an age where we all rely on smartphones to tell us the time, Norm Architects and Menu want to bring about a renaissance and appreciation of the classic wall clock. They do this in the only way they know how, by introducing another sophisticated Scandinavian home accessory to their ensemble. Crafted from brushed steel and stripped of any unnecessary detail, the Menu Wall Clock will be a distinguished addition to any room in the house, and it will be sure to keep you a safe distance from your phone even if it is just for two minutes.

5 things

Introduce a Piece of Pastel to Your Interior: Raawii Blue Small Jug

Here’s another multi-functional piece of modern design that you’ll grow to love. Designed by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen for Raawii – the Copenhagen-based brand that is redefining modern ceramics with its vast collection of contemporary homeware – the Small Blue Jug takes inspired from Danish artist Vilhelm Lundstrom and is defined by its strikingly crisp silhouette and pop-colour hue. Best of all, every single Raawii jug is an invitation to experiment as you can mix their shapes and sizes to build up compositions of colour around the home.

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