You’re probably growing in frustration when it comes to gift buying. You’re either running out of time and beginning to feel the pressure, or so relaxed and ahead of schedule that you’re getting annoyed at people questioning your preparation. Either way, another healthy slice of the very best new arrivals will be sure to help. Either treat yourself, kickstart your Christmas shopping or put the finishing touches to the lot with a new fragrance from SALLE PRIVÉE, another exclusive sneaker from Oliver Cabell or a shearling jacket from YMC. 

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A Real Winter-Warmer: YMC Charcoal Beach Jacket

This month we’ve already spoke glowingly about the best Shearling Jackets and Four of the Best Fleeces for Winter, and that would usually be enough to keep you across one of this season’s overriding trends. Then, this YMC Beach Jacket landed online and that all changed. We needed to write a few more superlatives. That’s because this jacket sits quite nicely between both – shearling and fleece – thanks to its teddy-inspired soft fleece constriction. Plus, the button front, simple stunt collar, raglan sleeves and elastic trim gives the jacket a more handsome look and feel.

A Sporting Classic Reimagined: Oliver Cabell Ash Rennes Sneakers

The Rennes, alongside the update of the classic German army trainer, the GAT, is the latest sneaker to arrive from Oliver Cabell. Understated in the way that all of the best retro-running sneakers are, the Rennes has a boxy, athletic shape, natural raw hems and a beautiful two-tone black on grey colourway that is enhanced by a healthy slice of white across the sole. The sneakers' also benefit from the exclusiveness of all Oliver Cabell drops, so you can rest assured that they won’t receive another pair of sneakers quite like this.

5 things

5 things

Invest In A Little Scandinavian Art: Atelier CPH The Art of Fabric No.7 Print

Simple geometric shapes and a monochrome colour palette defines Atelier CPH’s latest collection, and one of our favourite pieces – The Art of Fabric No.7 Print. The simple print incorporates a range of shading, lines and shapes into an enchanting contemporary piece. Best of all, Atelier CPH’s exquisite range prints are all personally signed by the brand, making them true collector’s items.

A New Scent For The Festive Season: SALLE PRIVÉE Monochrome Eau De Parfum

If you're unsure on what to get someone, an unknown fragrance is often not the best choice. But when men’s fragrances can smell as good as this then you can forget that logic. Inspired by the expressive style of the arts, the light and sophisticated SALLE PRIVÉE scent is the perfect gift because it’s not overpowering but fresh and uplifting thanks to its mix of cedar wood, fir and vetiver. Which is also spiked with leather for a surprising metallic feel. In short, it’s a truly timeless fragrance. Timeless in scent and timeless in how many times you'll want to revisit it.

5 things

Something You’ll Enjoy All-Year Round: Menu Light Grey / Black Ash Septembre 3 Seater Sofa

Once the Christmas cooking is out of the way, there’s only one place you’ll end up – the sofa. So, rather than looking at extendable tables and chairs to accommodate your number of guests, why not look to a new sofa instead? The Menu Septembre 3 Seater Sofa is the pick of the bunch as it caters to both a minimalist, understated aesthetic and the universal desire for a warm, comfy sofa. Many have tried and failed to design a sofa that works on both sides of the spectrum. You either have a sofa that isn’t the best looking but comfortable or one that is stylish but unwelcoming. Not this Menu sofa, though. The high backrest and armrests give this sofa a cosy enclosed feeling and the upholstery will ensure you won’t ever want to get up.

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