With summer just around the corner and the days already beginning to warm up, it’s high time to begin thinking about your summer wardrobe. Fold up your dark, heavy woollen favourites for later this year and make some space in your wardrobe for lightweight fabrics, big prints and even bigger colours. Unsure of where to find clothing fitting these specifications? Nikben. The Stockholm-based brand was founded in 2014 by Nicklas Abrahamsson & Benjamin Lega who envisioned changing the perception of boring traditional swimwear. Since then, Nikben has made its name with fun printed swim shorts and has also moved into different spheres. Now with a range of shirts to accompany your swimwear, we’re here to give a rundown of our favourite printed shirts just in time for summer. 

Nikben Limoncello SS Shirt

When life gives you lemons, grab your Nikben Limoncello Shirt. The black and white stripe print forms the perfect basis for a host of falling lemons that stand out from the uniform background. We think it’s worth keeping the rest of your outfit fairly subtle around this shirt, it certainly doesn’t need any help making noise.

Nikben Big Kahuna SS Shirt

Taking inspiration from lazy days on warm beaches in Hawaii, Nikben’s Big Kahuna Shirt features an all-over graphic that depicts whale tails, swaying palm trees, beautiful sirens and orange sunsets - perfect for a day at the beach. Made of 100% viscose, this shirt is light and airy to keep you cool all day long.

Nikben La Cucaracha Shirt

The camp collar shirt offers the best of both worlds. It can act as a neat, considered layer under a lightweight jacket when it comes to a summer evening and better still, it can offer a bit of pattern and personality when worn on its own. This La Cucuaracha pattern shirt has a slim-fit profile and a relatively low-key Mexican-inspired design that keeps things interesting without going overboard.

Nikben Stranger SS Shirt

‘Ne sois pas étranger’ or ‘don’t be a stranger’ reads a flag sitting halfway up the friendliest shirt of the season. Like Nikben, the Stranger Shirt is fun, bright and bold. Old-fashioned illustrations decorate this 100% viscose short sleeved shirt, somehow not so loud as to warrant toning the rest of your outfit down. 

Nikben Terry Long Sleeve Shirt

If you’re looking for a shirt that can take you comfortably from the day and into evening, then opt for one of Nikben’s long sleeve Terry shirts. Keeping it lightweight and functional with its terry towelling construction, the shirt benefits from having a relaxed silhouette which is elevated through the addition of pearl buttons, a half button placket and a single chest pocket. Plus, it’s easy to style with any trousers and a pair of minimal sneakers

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