Welcome to the planet-centred future of luxury accessories. Thread & Tonic are the young British brand making waves with their audaciously minimal leather bags, wallets and laptop sleeves. Each piece is designed with a rigorous form-follows-function ethos at its heart. The essentials are present, correct and meticulously crafted, as is something even more important: Thread & Tonic's commitment to protect our planet. For this young label that mission goes beyond mere sloganeering. 

Sustainability isn't just another word for Thread & Tonic. Leather goods, for example, are made in what the brand say is the world's first bags and accessories factory that's powered entirely by solar energy. The label gives one percent of its turnover to not-for-profit environmental organisations. 

Transparency is key - and refreshingly Thread & Tonic acknowledge there's a way to go to full sustainability. It's an approach that reflects the design honesty and crafted authenticity found in every one of their products.

Sonal and Nakul Malhotra founded Thread & Tonic to bring together a stellar design and production team with wide experience in luxury fashion. The Malhotra family has a distinguished heritage in leather production and that history is evident in the excellence of every backpack, laptop sleeve and wallet Thread and Tonic release. 

Collections are deliberately limited in size. Your Thread & Tonic backpack's journey to become an essential in your life didn't begin on a mass production line. Every bag is constructed in sustainable conditions using the most environmentally friendly leather available today, tanned without using any of the usual harmful chemicals. As Thread and Tonic put it, "Our high-tech tannery epitomises the best characteristics that have made Tuscany famous as one of Italy’s major tanning districts."

Thread & Tonic aim to be with you for life, whichever of their collections you choose from. More than that, they aim to leave a positive footprint on our planet. They get our vote.

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